We Are All Made Of Stars :)

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  1. yusufalef92 says:

    Thank you Katie ­čÖé <3
    Love and´╗┐ Light

  2. rufus39 says:


  3. Mrnoodlesandsauce says:

    Stop it please´╗┐

  4. HAZEitup1 says:

    wow..I could watch u talk´╗┐ about stars all day!!

  5. TangFiend says:

    File you under last´╗┐ to know.

    Yes we are all Carbon based life

    Thx hun

  6. PictureForce says:

    You´╗┐ are so connected with divinity Katie. How could we not love you!

  7. quietman18 says:

    We are made of water.´╗┐

  8. kaylaschroeder1 says:

    Just be yourself… and the world will have no choice but to be in awe. Your videos are all wonderful. Thank´╗┐ you for your constant light and inspiring energy. Enjoy your trip! And may you discover the transformation you are seeking. ~ Kayla

  9. Shadowsnshades says:

    Sorry to hear about your´╗┐ cat. Carl Sagan once said,
    “We are made of Star Stuff.” So true, we’re all a part of the grand, beautiful universe.

  10. KMxodusonline says:

    Inspiring stuff Katie. All the best to you and I know that the time you are and have taken´╗┐ for YOURSELF will pay huge dividends in the future.

    All the best.

  11. JonAlfredsson says:

    What a powerful Message Katie! We are all infinite and growth´╗┐ is enevitable! Life is forever expanding and taking us to new vantage points in life. ­čÖé Keep on being you and share your wisdom with the world! ­čÖé

    Have an awesome trip to Hawaii,

    Dr Jon

  12. brendandylanmaloney says:

    Maybe your body is becoming a light body and changing from carbon to crystalline. I have had crazy physical purification symptoms lately like chest pains,aching joints,lower back pain,etc. I even literally heard my heart beat out loud,it was crazy.Have fun in hawaii,One of my dreams is to open a really progressive healing self-sustaining community in hawaii or some tropical island and completely heal people with´╗┐ ALL diseases including suicide victims,dedressed people,etc..peace,bee

  13. TheDoveLady says:

    You are´╗┐ so right. I bet you might like to hear some of the books I read on my channel. Books like Ken Carey’s “The Starseed Transmissions, and that one of his that promotes peace so well, “The Return of the Bird Tribes”. I read many good metaphysical books, lots of Walter Russel books like “The secret of Light” and Benner’s book “The Impersonal Life”. I know Katie, that you would love hearing these books read for they speak volumns about Oneness and being made of stars and such.

  14. djsuperstar717 says:

    I was´╗┐ actually thinking about this subject an hour or 2 before i watched this video…..

  15. djsuperstar717 says:

    LOL @ the dancing part;
    Youre one of my most favorite people on youtube;
    You should check out the videos by Unasleep on here;
    she talks alot about the subject;
    and she teaches alot of spiritually advanced´╗┐ stuff;

  16. tonyc200708 says:

    Great message Katie and thanks for playing this inspiring´╗┐ song. Safe travels to you and may your spirit continue to shine bright!


  17. PsionicX1 says:

    Been considering Superman and how he draws his great power from the Sun and how we too draw our power from the Sun. Not as directloy or powerfully as the Man of Steel, but the Sun gives us life an dempowers us. Also read a short work called Just´╗┐ How To Wake The Solar Plexus by Elizabeth Towne and it talks of the Sun Within. I realize now that the power of a star is our power and we have infinite Suns from which to draw power. So infinite power is always at our disposal. Good video Katie.

  18. michael fess says:

    …very good Katie´╗┐ ­čÖé you are an inspiration …all the best on your Spiritual path …

  19. moissanitestar says:

    And I want to comment that when´╗┐ we die, our energy never dies and that we become star energy again and get to travel the heavens! Good luck with personal issues, they too shall pass. Leland

  20. alienspent says:

    I know that you tire from hearing this, but´╗┐ you are so beautiful.

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