WAZZUB Webinar Part 2

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  1. imarketingsoftware says:

    I’m happy to have watch your excellent video.

  2. nitzam811 says:

    no,its not the scam…wazzub going to send its first payment 15th may..for any help mail me : nitzam81@yahoo.co.uk

  3. TheTime4money says:

    Ok now its after apr,9th.. I joined wazzub to earn money to help my little brother get a place to live. Now I feel I’ve wasted hours and hours for no oreason. How do we get paid..if some know more info on this step plz email me it will be a great help thanks. djduval99@yahoo.com

  4. yaso347 says:

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  5. jennyeva47 says:

    Wow, that’s a great technology that you have used here and the process of implementing that service was just mind blowing.I would rather try to use this technology. I will give you a big clap for your video.

  6. AudreyJRambo433 says:

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  7. MrCarpiuuu says:

    WazzUB is not SCAM. You even can NOT know if it’s scam or not…

  8. HateSurveysHate says:

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  9. kiemdoan says:

    congrat to wazzub, a nicest SCAM ever

  10. phoenix sabre says:

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  12. EsEsEs1337 says:

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  13. v14mithilesh says:

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  15. Violador616 says:

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  16. cegy11 says:

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  17. amybrowner says:

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  18. SuperPavian says:

    But can you tell me how to invite friends?

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