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DOWNLOAD WAZE: bit.ly SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly Waze is a free GPS, Traffic and Gas app that can save you time money on the road. Waze uses real time information from drivers near by to help improve your commute. This Guided Tour video explains how the app works. Available on iPhone and Android smartphones. Our Channel: bit.ly Facebook: bit.ly Twitter: bit.ly www.waze.com Waze Free GPS Traffic Gas App Waze.com Wazeapp “Waze app” “Free GPS” “GPS app” “Free GPS app” iPhone iOS Android Traffic Crowdsourcing Commute “Google Maps Alternative” “Free GPS Android” “Free GPS iPhone” “How does Waze work”
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  2. I need Heeeeeeeeeeelp with this app. I can log on from my computer but some how I can not log on through my iPhone!!!!

    I tried to ask the company about that but I couldn’t find any contact us details about them which is little bit odd.

    I appreciate if anyone know the solution to that and help me. Thanks

  3. may i ask sumthing?i already ask this question on googleplay but i think u will never look for it… y i cant see the true word on my ace duos?the spelling is not rite..

  4. get heavy traffic notice at 3 AM…..really? (or some user forget to turn off the app and just go to sleep, so the system think the traffic is so bad since the user is not moving)

  5. I work at a dealership and I do a lot of driving.. And waze was good for a while, but now it seems to reduce the screen to a quarter size box in the lower left corner and not give voice guidance.. Needs an update immediately!

  6. The app in not loading for me on ios 5.1.1. Uninstalled rebooted the phone and reinstalled and no luck. Any suggestions?

  7. This app is awesome it doesn’t just tell you the traffic conditions it also let’s you know if theirs a red light camera a speeding camera and if theirs a cop ahead that’s awesome.

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