Ways to a Better Married Life

Ways to a Better Married Life

Article by Laura Roberts

Almost all of us dreamed of getting married and to be united with an individual. Reasons of getting married vary in every individual, some for legal, social and/or economic stability, to have their own family and/or public declaration of love. But generally marriage is considered as an institution in which interpersonal relationship are acknowledged. Married life is a new phase for two individual and a good relationship with your partner is needed to make it work. Unfortunately because of different factors the number of separated or divorce couples increases. Common disagreements of married couples are about money, sex, work, children and housework. They should know how to acknowledge and thankful with their good times together and to face the difficulties during bad times. Studies said that married couples who shows their feelings to their partner even if it is anger or frustrations tend to have a longer married life together. It said that in every relationship specifically in married couples open communication is essential. Here are the top ten ways to keep a strong marriage according to SIXWISE.COM marriage relationship advice:1. Always show affection. Simple gestures of affection like kiss on the cheeks or a

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