LRA Rebels of Joseph Kony and Uganda Government Troops (UPDF) committed great atrocities and genocide against the Acholi People. War Dance is a story of triumph for a group of Acholi school children who were forced to live in IDP concentration camps by the actions of Museveni and Joseph Kony. The Triumph is expressed in this war dance competition story, which against all odds these kids manage to triumph against all adversities thrown at them. You can listen or download the full sound tracks of this video at WWW.ACHOLIWEB.COM
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. BobineFoladare04 says:

    Download the audio from this vid at soundnabber doht cohm.

  2. BoEmery says:

    I rented it from my library.
    The best thing you can do having seen this movie is to donate money to their relief, and thank God for your own good fortune for not having experienced this, and of course, do something to help others.

  3. drippingcunningrunt says:

    2:08 Rose – many false comments during the show 3:09 xylophone and a tree (key word is phone) 3:28 Stephen Rwangyezi is a Stephen and SR or SENIOR or number 1 When all connected to this film are reviewed then the methods and purpose will be able to be observed. Consider all the bookstores in the DC area, and in each state for a similar fact. Those persons involved in the Potemkin villages realize facts as what? And what to do about them? Their shuffling versus this movie and most other movies?

  4. drippingcunningrunt says:

    War Dance is a complete reveal of Think Channel capability of harm via motion inducement, spoken word inducement and concept inducement. Hypersonic Sound Systems accomplish this. The world has yet to observe correctly since no honorable persons capable of notifying the citizens of the USA were informed. Had the citizens of the US, not the government, been notified there simply would not be a problem. Too many armed citizens over here is why. Have intel communities correctly viewed this film?

  5. akmediascope says:

    Dance can free the world!

  6. partisan72 says:

    A glimpse of light in lives of these beautiful children to overcome the reality of appaling attrocities…Touching…

  7. MissTeaz10 says:

    This documentary was amazing…Im not usually one for subtitles or documentaries but this one is touching I cried through a good chunk of it because it shows how ungrateful we can be in North America

  8. shakiradaisuki says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing movie! I love it because it focuses on hopes and future unlike many documentary films which only make audience sad. I want to show this to my kids when I get some!
    Ah the smiles of those kids are priceless.

  9. kangak10 says:

    our band teacher showed us this, I was truly moved, but didn’t get to see the second half of it…
    does anyone know any place besides netflix that I could get this from?

  10. hldeckard says:

    This film will be featured in the Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival September 19th – 21st in Sun Valley Idaho. youtube it.

  11. elijomoro says:

    very moving…i love this video…i say a longer version and it was even better

  12. abokwu says:

    is this movie on video?

  13. SAOMONY says:

    Thank you! I need to do something to help my people. It’s a shame that people are living like this. I was in Uganda last month. Things need to change in the north.

  14. Rmkb03 says:

    Great video!!!

  15. meansalley says:

    there were no songs on the site, the only mp3’s were a guy talking. Are the songs still there?

  16. acholinet says:

    The video was made in 2005. You can also download the songs in this video by going to acholinet website. Do a google search for acholinet and then selecting acholi music. Under the downloads do a search for the acholi artist by the name of oryema.

  17. michaelnease says:

    This makes me miss Uganda! When was this made? It’s beautiful!

  18. magotica says:

    Those children bring back memories as I used to be a dancer myself. Keep it up.

  19. kalidobo says:

    Great video, although very depressing! How can we claim to be civilized and humane when we catalogue death and destruction while working hand in hand with the perpertuators? Anyone with a conscience should be ashamed of our claim to being a civilized people!

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