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  1. I feel my intelligent is being challenged! Instead of throwing a colourful pie-chart on me, perhaps you’d like to include the source of your statistics! Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you.

  2. I’ve wanted to work in financial services for almost all my teenage years. I feel that I have a passion for the science of economics. I also believe that I’d enjoy the work and challenge of working for a bulge bracket firm. That is where I hope to go after college.

  3. Well did anyone think to mention or notice that the reason why their are less graduates from Harvard going into both finance and consulting is due to the fact that there are less jobs within that (sort of) industry? Also, the reason why the number of graduates going into the non-profit sector has increased is solely due to the fact that there aren’t that many jobs within the financial world any longer.

    This is interesting, since Fox New pulls this kind of ish usually……Now the TYT Army?

  4. Your totally right, but I think that most Engineers like myself would prefer to design actual things that help society, instead of designing complicated derivatives that fuck over society lol.

  5. Also I laugh when people say Harvard/Princeton/Yale is top talent, now M.I.T, Cal Tech, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, Purdue, UCLA, Stanford, Washington University that is top talent, those are schools which care little to nothing about what your heritage is or what you are paying. Ivy League is just rich, with some talent mixed in.

  6. I hope I get recruited by a Lucrative institution! Work for Non profits get the fuck out of here with that Bullshit! If these morons graduate College then they end up working for a Non Profit, You just lost your right to complain about NOT being able to pay your student loans, you dumb fucking Libtards!

  7. I am not sure why but Goldman Sachs had it’s session in our Engineering Dept. at the University of Miami. Why would they look for Engineers?

  8. Students are not opting for non-profit jobs it is that non-profit companies are hiring at higher positions. Trust me if a student has a $100,000 job as a junior trader or the $100,000 job at a non-profit agency for vice-president of _________ . Students want the big job title on their resume. Even though everybody is a vice-president now. Just go to your local bank and see.

  9. “Wall Street recruiting students from Ivy League Schools” –most obvious thing in the world.

    I’m getting to the end of my engineering undergrad, and I’m starting to realize–I don’t think the smartest people are in this field, or at least not where I’m seeing them. Where are they? I’m not sure, but I think finance.

  10. Come on! Most people want to be admired and envied. They want something sexy and hip. A lot of students these days claim they want to do something important and useful. But, do they want to become social workers or nurses? Very few! They want to travel the world while working as a journalist or helping poor Africans for some cool international organization. They study to become lawyers or physicians. They want these jobs for the exact same reason as those who want a career on Wall Street.

  11. how is working in the financial industry “counterproductive,” like everyone that graduates in that industry is going to go off and rip off all of america. whatever…we need more ppl from the financial industry bcuz ppl are so financially ignorant these days.

  12. I stepped away from the Wall Strret path for the non-profit route and I am much happier. I realized the with the limited amount of time I have on this planet, I wanteto help as many people as I can. One love.

  13. Simple Stock trading is pretty lucrative as well. I don’t do it with real money, but there’s this website that has a game where you can use $1 million in virtual money to trade on the real market, with real time quotes.

    I bought 100 shares of Yahoo stock, and made $1500 in a few minutes.

  14. Yep, they’re definitely doing this. They’re all over the place when it comes to people in my program, and I live in Canada, not the US. Half the people in my program dream of working for them it seems. They work as hard as possible to get top marks so that they can get interviews with them, then they get paid literally 35k+ over four months while they are still in college as paid internships (though to be fair it’s rare to make quite that much).

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