Wake Up Club For Playstation Vita

Title: Wake Up Club Platform: Playstation Vita Price: Free Release Date: N/A Developer: Sony Luis’ social networks: Google+: bit.ly Twitter: bit.ly Facebook: on.fb.me Instagram: Luismacintosh Wake Up Club For Playstation Vita Wake Up Club For Playstation Vita Wake Up Club For Playstation Vita Wake Up Club Wake Up Club Wake Up Club
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  1. Azoz al-qubaisi says:

    then you need to see a doctor.

  2. mlgfive says:

    i messed school twice and im a light slepper

  3. freeitunecodes1 says:

    Get FREE PSN CODES from playstationcardgenerator com

  4. GideonswGames says:

    Your voice xD

  5. bossgamer98 says:

    Yeah, I had to move my charger and keep it plugged in right next to me all night to hear it. They need to let the ps vita stay on constantly in the next update to make this app actually useful

  6. Azoz al-qubaisi says:

    will its loud enough for me it wakes me up for my school everytime. 🙂

  7. T. SZ. says:

    Same issue , when the console is in standby , quietly rings 5 times. It does not ring with the theme you set it up.
    I think this way is useless.

    When you shut it down , to not consume the battery life , it doesn’t work.

  8. HighRollerHydra says:

    I’m saving up for a Vita this summer. Now if I wake up early enough, I get trophies. 😀

  9. GamingVlogNetwork says:

    Sadly no

  10. David Evans says:

    Good to get up on time.

  11. ihavethelynx says:

    UK release should be 13 Feb

  12. DavieTheParkour says:

    can you use your music on the vita?

  13. Maxim Circe says:

    My thoughs exactly :/

  14. Maxim Circe says:

    Next week ;]

  15. mlgfive says:

    The alarm suck it wont wake you up its not loud enough.!!!!

  16. GamingVlogNetwork says:

    We’re not sure.

  17. j chew says:

    When is this out in the uk my phone is useless at alarms pls help me

  18. GamingVlogNetwork says:

    Now you can earn trophies for waking up!

  19. anthony peralta says:

    I got it today im happy

  20. GamingVlogNetwork says:

    :[ #firstworldproblems

  21. KenniCrazy says:

    we finally got it! but i cant download yet cause the ps store is down for maintenance -_-

  22. William Osullivan says:

    you can’t be serious. it’s free! just download it and see for yourself.

  23. juirew lonenata says:


  24. Oli Simmons says:

    when is wake up club out in UK/EU?  : )

  25. walkersam says:

    “that is basically the in depth demonstration of the application” he says, without ever showing the central functionality of the application.

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