Voltron – Magnetic Attraction

Episode 29: Lotor’s newest Robeast generates an enormous cloud of fire and heat, vaporizing all the water around the Castle of Lions, including the entire moat. The Voltron Force is interrupted from their martial-arts training, and head off to battle. Princess Allura can’t seem to activate the Blue Lion. Her father’s ghost reveals the secret of the Lions: they are powered by the elements of Arus. Without any water, the Princess has no way of operating the Blue Lion, and the team can’t form Voltron.

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  1. firepluswater101 says:

    Why is it that Lotor sometimes has a really strong square chin and other times he has a really weak pointy one?

  2. 01crazyredhead says:

    Hunk could totally squash Pidge.

  3. chrismc410 says:

    King Alfor must have taxed the hell out of the people of Arus. Something had pay for all that stuff he designed and built.

  4. mxgross says:

    2:47 Coran and Nanny just don’t get it! Allura needs to learn to fight if she’s going to protect Planet Arus. Do they want their future queen to live as a defenseless maid?

  5. pgw78 says:

    Technobabble aside, there are some great lines here. And, as always, that awesome music. The more I watch, the more convinced I am that Voltron was a better show than GoLion.

  6. pgw78 says:

    “It’s something we’ve never tried before. … bombard it with a negative charge. Solar collectors give us enough juice to reverse our astro-turbines…” “A laser pathway! Great idea! I’ve cut megathrusters and put turbines in reverse mode!” That is some technobabble worthy of Star Trek.

  7. NovemberRose6 says:


    You might be thinking of Voltron Three Dimensional. It took place three years after the end of this show, and it was made about a decade after it aired. It’s in CGI. In that one, Lortor was turned into a cyborg because he was badly injured or something.

  8. LReyome254 says:

    Im glad that they put up all these again, they had most of them taken down for a while

  9. a7xloverpyscho says:


  10. a7xloverpyscho says:


  11. DimeraFan28 says:

    Thumbs Up If you want to see a live action movie of this cartoon show.

  12. mom369222 says:

    I dislike all the commercials, but at least it’s only 1, where as on t.v. yo0u have 5or 6 commercials,amn nd it gets annoying after awhile

  13. knightrider411 says:

    This was A GREAT ePISODE

  14. liberace621 says:

    I love the quote “never lose your head in anger”.

  15. roboticjunky says:

    @JMHtommies11 Are you thinking of Beastwars or Reboot? Both of those were CGI.

  16. blueskunk12 says:

    Lotor, my beloved, my one and only, feeble-minded son!

    Ah, family, there’s nothing like it!

  17. DatzAmoray says:

    Lol, beloved nincompoop.

  18. a1cjlock says:

    *squeaky voice* Lets get to the caves fast

  19. MrHerculoids says:

    It brings back some very good memories…. Ready to from Voltron

  20. JMHtommies11 says:

    is there like a 3D version of this show. Im thinking of a show when i was a kid that’s exactly like this.. but the animation was different..

  21. 09Voltron says:

    I think I speak for everyone who likes watching Voltron when I say: Keith, Lance, Pidge, Allura, & Hunk enjoy judo? I wish they would put the vehicle Voltron on here, that would be awesome. I hope you guys at WEP are reading this! Can I get an “AMEN” from the congregation here?

  22. Chakmon212 says:

    Great episode… Loved how Pidge sneaked up on Hunk like that… Very funny… Also noticed the uniforms change at 6:50 when they snapped shot the team in their fligt suits than changed to civies… And the Blue Lion pose at 7:52… It is supposed to be lying down, not standing up… Not complaining, but just so you know… Have a great night… And keep the episodes of VOLTRON coming… Am enjong them… Thanks…

  23. Chakmon212 says:

    Same here, dude… Remembered it when I was a kid… That was like a long te ago… Thanks for the memories…

  24. OutsandingMan2007 says:

    Wow this sure brings back memories of the 80s thanks for the upload wep.

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