Voice Lost – Please Help Find… Reward (VidoeBlog 103)

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  1. dqjlol says:

    Yes. But it was their decision to say they were in a relationship. Its is their decision now to not explain why they broke up. We have to respect that. I would obviously watch the video why they broke up but i don’t think there is going to be one.x

  2. candycanestar06 says:

    then why would they tell us that they were together, because they told us they were together people are going to want to know why they broke up. Sawyer and Blair must have known that if they broke up they are going to get tons of questions asking what happened….and i honestly bet that you would like to know aswell, im not trying to hate on just your comment but they did put it out to the world that they were together….

  3. candycanestar06 says:

    i dont see what the big problem is, people are saying dont get into there lives behind the camera but when Sawyer and Blair first started dating everyone wanted to know, and that was personal. And i know that the people saying stop asking them what happened were people who were also asking omg r u dating blair fowler! theres no difference in asking if they are together or if they have broken up, if poeple want to ask let them! not hating just making a point!…….

  4. theMadisonRegan says:

    they told us what they were confortable saying, if they wanted to tell everyone what happened they would have. they told us what they wanted and now all they are getting are comments and tweets from people asking them to explain when all they are trying to do is forget about the whole thing. So, you are not being a big help. What if that was you and you were trying to forget this whole thing, but every time you logged in your inbox would be filled with reminders. Think about it.

  5. dqjlol says:

    put it in perspective. If you broke up with someone, you’re in pain, hurting or angry. Why would you want to make a video telling the world youre personal buisness. Please no more comments like that because i garenteer sawyer and blair will not post a video. x They are on youtube for beauty and acting not as a reality show.

  6. 123mvdfa123 says:

    were did they find out that they broke up and when?

  7. Dotsheartslove says:

    lol ! get that ear , then you touch your ear lol

  8. Shoppinglove1234 says:

    Everyone please stop commenting “They broke up?” like seriously go on twitter. It’s bin how long and all of you are still commenting on ALL there videos about it. They had there reasons now leave them alone about it.

    And i am guessing Sawyer won the “king of the web thing”

  9. renesmeeinez says:

    omg people stop talking about the break up!!! if they want to tell us what happend they will tweet about it or make a video or something!!! but until that day comes SHUT UP!!!!! im sure that neither blair or sawyer want to go read comments on their videos about so….stfu

  10. MsAwesomeAnne says:

    no im not sayin 2gether im just sayin wer theyr fans and they mean alot to us so if they could at least tweet cuz peepl r sayin he cheated

  11. missliss04 says:

    why? i mean its their choice but i would think its the last thing one would want to do after a break up and sit there explaining it with their ex-significant other.. i mean its not like they owe us that we’re not their children after a messy divorce.

  12. OfAllMyBoyishDreams says:

    Blair said it on twitter, and sawyer commented about it on some of his instagram photos

  13. OfAllMyBoyishDreams says:

    I totally agree!!!!

  14. OfAllMyBoyishDreams says:

    Blair posted it on twitter, and sawyer has commented on his instagram that they did.

  15. MrSMmoney says:

    If Sawyer and Blair broke up, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want people to keep bringing it up. Give him space! I know this comment is a contradiction, sorry.

  16. wednesday verity says:

    WTF, HIM AND BLAIR ARE DONE? I stop watching youtube videos for 1 month and this is what I come back to? Uh, I work 90 hours a week… for an 18 year old that is a lot. So when I have downtime I watch him and Blairs videos and now they’re done… and now I’m very upset. Thanks a lot you two…

  17. getto45424 says:

    how do you know ?

  18. MsAwesomeAnne says:

    yeah like i dont mean to get all personal into his life or anything, but just so rumors are put to rest cuz some people are saying he cheated… and anyways he has a youtube account his life is no longer private 🙂 same with blair

  19. emma231124 says:


  20. emma231124 says:

    how do you guys now that they broke up ??? did some one say it ?

  21. Ruthie Ann King says:

    what! aww

  22. Becky Zelaya says:

    Yes they did a while ago in June . . .

  23. Laken211 says:

    Your puppy is so cute!

  24. TheHorsefreakforever says:

    Drink hot tea with honey and lemon juice in it! Organic honey is the best

  25. TheHorsefreakforever says:


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