[VLOG] The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive or 15K Formula? Which To Buy First?

What To Get First? Costa Rica Mastermind or 15K Formula? – http://affiliatebastards.com/ezmoney Those new to Empower Network with some excess cash on hand of…
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  1. Ken Sherman says:

    3:58 – 4:21 Hee! Hee! Hee! She is borrowing your camera time and 14:46 he
    is too. :} But I am glad your newest member was going on the right track.
    Your review was helpful. I agree on that Costa Rica “mind f-(bleep)” thing.
    There are other people on the Internet giving unbiased/constructive
    criticism as well and some of their reviews are scary but your review was
    honest, descriptive and UNCUT! Thumbs up. You have helped in more ways than
    1! 🙂

  2. Julian Wong says:

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