Video Marketing Tips to Get More Traffic

http://www.rayhigdon.com – ray higdon shares video marketing tips to get more traffic such as lighting, creating a cause, how to position yourself and a powe…

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  1. kihwaesi guiste says:

    Great Tips Ray thanks for sharing.I’ve always learned something valuable and powerful from your stuff thanks again ! you rock brother!

  2. Kevin Houser says:

    Ray great tip on the “pause”- i have had a problem w/the the uh uh uh for years-It take a conscience effort to improve thanks kevin

  3. Kary Youman says:

    Great video Ray. This was very helpful. You look great man. Congrats on losing 31 pounds!

  4. Amani Zein says:

    Good tip about the head part. and I’ll be working on my umms and ahhhhs for sure.

  5. weeboul says:

    thanx for the tips

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