Very Mary-Kate – Paper

I ended up getting an “F” for “F”-ort.

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  1. cuchelo1 says:

    He says “At least learn how to cut and paste” and she says “I can’t add a computer course to what I’m already taking…”

  2. xRiica says:

    What did she say at 00:41?

  3. MAXAM4444 says:

    lol omg I just noticed that she misspelled History

  4. Jaguar7444 says:

    Crap… I just remembered I have a paper to write….

  5. Piere M says:

    This is awesome vid check out very Mary Kate gun

  6. Piere M says:

    I cant stop watching these awesome videos

  7. ryananthony15 says:

    Why can’t I stop watching these videos!?!?

  8. belias360 says:

    “Elevenure…” I love that XD

  9. Lovebeinghappy says:

    I laughed so hard when she said “elevenure” XD bah ha ha!

  10. Loveisfun123 says:

    I guess to help her career.. I guess you could say to open more doors for her, but I doubt she’d ever leave collegehumor. I’m not sure if she did quit or not, but I don’t think she would. I’m sure becoming a writer on SNL is more of a promotion.

  11. toychristopher says:

    Wow? Really? Why would she accept a demotion to work on SNL?

  12. Loveisfun123 says:

    Well I hope you do know that some people who are from collegehumor are actually at SNL. Like Sarah, from the full benefits series on collegehumor.
    She’s a writer for SNL this season. That’s why Sarah hasn’t been in any collegehumor videos.

  13. Ford Howell says:

    i have 11-yer….soooo
    that was so Penelope from SNL

  14. Pedro Lourenço says:

    i can’t breathe, i’m laughing so hard xD

  15. sairoku says:

    do you know what a tenure is…look it up and feel bad 😀

  16. sairoku says:

    He said Tenure. She said elevenure. Its a joke. HAHA get it? >.>

  17. jonasisnumba1 says:

    it’s eleven YEAR not elevenure

  18. marenaroseqazi says:

    uhm? i did… read the quotes under and above mine smart ass.

  19. jonasisnumba1 says:

    if your going to quote the video at least quote it right

  20. courtenaaah says:

    a* not of. awks

  21. frostyh81 says:

    I wish she’d come back from her “break”!

  22. msmarya100 says:

    “You’re making a sad emoticon face!”

  23. coreyjar23 says:



  24. spinemelter2000 says:

    She’s doing well in her Photoshop class. She can copy and paste better than that.

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