Vanessa Hudgens In Rent??? NOO!!!! & Glee: The Power of Madonna, Idol, DWTS, BGT & ANTM!

Hey guys! Please take a moment to check out RAGE! Watch the clips &Vote HERE if you enjoy! www.babelgum.com _____ Please thumbs up! Leave a comment! Tell your friends! Enjoy the show! Subscribe for more! Comment Questions of the Day: Answer any or all! 1. What did you think of Rage ( go check it out and come back later and tell me- please vote! Thanks) 2. Did you love the Power of Madonna episode on Glee or was it over hyped in your head too? Favorite song? (see bonus question!) 3. What were your emotions when Kate Gosselin was voted off Dancing with the Stars? 4. Are you sad to see Tim Urban voted off Idol? Are you still watching? Have you turned on Siobhan? Why were BEP so BAD on Idol Gives Back? 5. Vanessa Hudgens in Rent? Good idea? (did you like my song??) BONUS QUESTION FOR EVERYONE TO ANSWER: DO YOU LIKE WATCHING YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOWS ALONE OR WITH OTHER PEOPLE IN THE ROOM? ______ In this video, I cover Glee -The Power of Madonna episode, American Idol and Idol Gives Back, Dancing with the Stars, America’s Next Top Model, Britain’s Got Talent and Vanessa Hudgens in RENT and something about Bestiality? This video was sponsored by Babelgum who wanted me to help raise awareness of the film RAGE! Have a great weekend! Love, Buck Video topics: Rage: 0:27 Glee: 2:34 American Idol: 4:30 DWTS: 5:53 Top Model: 6:25 Britain’s Got Talent 7:04 Vanessa Hudgens in Rent (my song to her): 7:35 _____
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Brianab3ar says:

    Rosario is the best Mimi because she looks the part

  2. blaine anderson says:

    Sadly I didn’t like the glee episode as much and no Vanessa stay AWAY FROM RENT

  3. Katie Williams says:

    lolololol i love his “No Day But Today”

  4. LizHatcher2099 says:

    Vanessa can never ever be Mimi!

  5. broadwaybaby6298 says:

    Oh my god. I completely agree. She is so amazing. Rosario is the best mimi ever!!! <3

  6. broadwaybaby6298 says:

    this guy is funny.

  7. lovexalwaysxjaykayx3 says:

    Thank God someone agrees with me. Mimi should ALWAYS be played by the beautiful and talented Rosario Dawson.

  8. Meme BabyV says:

    fuck you………….bitch VANESSA IS THE BEST

  9. LadyNess12 says:

    I hate u

  10. Henty1993 says:

    “i might hop on the plane to L.A.X with my dreams and a GUN”
    i lol’d

  11. heroesfan61194 says:

    thank you i love your rendition of No Day But Today bashing VH so thank you!

  12. Scarlet Raine says:

    just dont watch the whores version

  13. Scarlet Raine says:

    i puked when i found out

  14. Brittany Moore says:

    I don’t think this dude is funny. And I think Vanessa Hudgens is awesome. All he is doing is making fun of talented actors and actresses. Chelsea Handler and Joel Mchal does too but at least they are funny. All I have to say is this guy sucks and needs to get a life instead of putting other people down. And many people can say I am wrong, but I won’t care like I don’t car about this guy. And Kate Gosselin DOES NOT suck. Neither does Vanessa Hudgens. Worst 10: 24 minutes of my life!

  15. Ida Andersson says:

    I always watch my shows alone (X-Files & Glee). When I watch it with my parents/friends I feel more critical!

  16. marline191 says:

    haha i love jou
    i to hate venassa hunngendds she is stupit
    en i love glee + rent (L)

  17. neharap says:

    Take a naughty tour to naughty mworld5.info

  18. IDieWithoutU says:

    @iamlazysueme Another Day.

  19. Chia Jia Xin says:

    What is the Rent song that Buck parody?

  20. Gclover1231 says:

    what!!! no! why would they destroy one of the best movies ive ever known!!!!

  21. chasinglightsASIJ says:

    First what do you know about acting and …. are you gay? You kinda act like it

  22. Singerguy24 says:

    I’m just being honest… I thought I was the only person who watched Over the Rainbow… It makes me super happy to hear that you love it too :-D.

    AND… amen to the crappy Mimi’s on the National Tours of RENT.

  23. GSRgategirl923 says:

    LMfao(: I love watching this video, never has a truer song been sung(:

  24. LiveLaughLove895 says:

    ok at this point im just going to agree with you lol theres not much else i can do or say, but just to let our opinions differ. And im partly just letting it go because your the first person not to yell at me for liking her, so i appreciate the respect and decency (oh and let’s not forget manners haha) . It can take a person a long way (:

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