Using Twitter to Generate Traffic

Using Twitter to Generate Traffic

Article by Roy Miller

Using twitter to generate traffic and grow your business in the blogosphere.. Now business owners online and off-line are benefitting from leveraging the global power of twitter.Unless you have been living in the digital dark ages you will realize twitter is now becoming the essential application to expand your business.Your need to start by trying to build long term online relationships so that the folks you communicate with can spread the word about you to their social networks. A lot people who try to utilize social networking sites like twitter end up approaching it all wrong and never realize the traffic that they could be missing if they change their approach. Begin by using the following fundamentals to leverage the phenomenal traffic generation power of social networking site twitter.

Generate useful contacts:

Just sending tweets to all and sundry in the hope that they will be able to gather a large group of followers they can market to is not the answer. You need to be more selective and target those you can more identify with. If you’re in a certain niche then you don’t want to generate traffic your way from any old site, because that traffic will not convert to dosh. If you target the folks that you want to follow you, then those people may be involved with numerous other social networking sites other than twitter will be able to mention you to the people who are on their social listings,which should result in more promising traffic for you.

Don’t just market your products or services:

A subsequent gaffe people make when they’re trying to develop a social networking site like twitter, is from the start they try to market to the people that follow them. People don’t want to be inundated with nothing but advertising material all the time. Do consider this, otherwise people will stop following you and this won’t help you get more traffic. Strengthen your position over time to build some solid contacts who will be interested in what you have to say. If you do this right then you can include some of your advertising material this will seem more natural.

Interact with your followers:

While you are twittering to build up these relationships, don’t forget to ask your followers to provide some comments and opinions that will help you generate new ideas. Remember to ask for their input about what products or services are of interest to them or that they may want or need. Paying close attention to their responses could give you an idea for a future project. This way you could introduce a product into the market that has already shown to be of interest on Twitter.So in effect you are using Twitter as a means to market research also.

What is Twitter-How to get the Best from Twitter:

With a combination of social networking and microbloggging Twitter is the best tool available to increase traffic to your website or blog.Tweets are the messages which you send to your “follower” who are part of your microblogging group.In return you are expected to follow the “tweets” or updates of members of that group.This way you have a social network similar to Myspace or Facebook.

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