Using Premium SMS to Better your Business

Using Premium SMS to Better your Business

Article by Laura Wilson

Every time you watch a TV reality show where contestants are pitted against each other and their survival in the show is dependent on how much the public votes for them, you are actually witnessing a new phenomenon called premium SMS making money for the TV show. You might have noticed that the rates for messaging on these shows are generally more than standard text messaging rates. Premium SMS services enable a company or brand to market itself on a very user integrated level, whereby every individual user is made to feel that he or she has some sense of control over the outcome of a show or how a brand will treat its customers. What makes Premium SMS providers click – Like we have already discussed, when consumers or a target research demographic receive or send premium SMS, it is one of the few times a brand and the people it tries to reach out to actually get close on a very one-on-one level. You might argue that some companies can invite focus groups to their office and arrange feedback based meetings, but to do the same on a level at par with pay by SMS services would be next to impossible. The very fact that people’s opinions can be studied at a very quick rate makes such services highly effective marketing tools.Profits of Content Monetization – If we go back to the example to reality TV shows where the viewers send thousands of pay by SMS texts at the end of every episode, we can see how this tool alone can cover entire production costs. When millions of people use this service and they pay a significantly larger tariff for it, this translates into a profit that is worth millions dollars. This is not exclusive to TV shows. Some pay by SMS services also provide interesting user content like latest ringtones, jokes, horoscopes, news, sports updates, etc. which is very popular with a lot of people all around. All of these services charge a premium rate which ensures high volumes of profit for the service providers.Importance of Content in Premium SMS – As is true with almost all kinds of marketing schemes, content is of the utmost importance when it comes to making money with premium SMS services. So if you are thinking of getting into this kind of business, then make sure that the content you provide is very relevant and stands out of the crowd. For example, if you are targeting New Yorkers, then a pay by SMS service of the latest NY restaurants will help you get more customers than a general horoscope service. Not that horoscope services are unpopular, but it’s just that they have been all done before.

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