Using Google Trends & Insights – Spot Interest, Generate Traffic

There are tons of ways to generate traffic for whatever your interest or niche may be. If you want to know what the hottest topic is for the day, get on to Google Trends – google.com – and you will find the top 40 (there used to be a 100) most searched about the topics on the internet. It will also show you the keyword terms related to the most searched about keyword phrase, as well as the amount of traffic and where most of the traffic is coming from. However, Google gets even better than that. Google Insights – www.google.com – is another great tool used to dive even further and advance your skills when it comes to using proper related keywords in your content. The site allows to “compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.” Definitely a great site for proper keyword spotting. Here’s another free program you should sign up for to generate quick traffic: Twitter. Yep… I said Twitter. Not only can you generate quick traffic, but you can also find people who share the same interest as you without any hassles. So start tweeting!

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  1. bizbeam says:

    great video

  2. New4fashion says:

    nice tip,but how to do it and why you video no traffic for 2009

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