US presidential election 2012 – Social media and the US presidential race

US presidential election 2012 – The United States presidential elections are expected to be the most expensive in history. While the lion’s share of the cand…

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  1. TrabajarDesdeCasaa says:

    Yes yes yes

  2. ChrisFarrellx says:

    Loving this

  3. ChesterRestaurants says:

    Wow this is great

  4. nhsjobs says:

    I need to hit the refresh button

  5. SixPackAbsXX says:

    Why I came to see this video.

  6. eCigsX says:

    very cool video

  7. FootballTrialsx says:

    Nice Video

  8. HowGetRidPimplesAcne says:

    great video A +++

  9. ArtificialGrassWhy says:

    That was enjoyable.

  10. MySocialMediaAgency says:

    Absolutely brilliant

  11. phen375u says:

    I love watching this  🙂

  12. richdadx says:

    Great video

  13. Daytrader008 says:

    FLIP FLOP Romn for President !

  14. FatalisTerra says:

    check out my channel for election news

  15. Driada95 says:

    The end is the best 😀

  16. Abz khan says:

    A liar vs a liar great choice,I still am baffled why no one gave Ron Paul a chance !.

  17. MrBommetje64 says:

    Everyone who supports a president (in any country anywhere in the world) who doesn’t immediately put all his/her energy and efforts (above anything else) in stopping wars or situations where humans are killing others humans in name of whatever, is not really contributing to the potential of human evolution (of consciousness), but contributing to a human degeneration-process, so anybody who votes for Obama OR Romney (in this election) should consider this very carefully haha….

  18. IAMUnification says:

    Write in Ron Paul. No more foreign wars. Bring troops home and let them spend their money here. Save 500 billion annually in military costs. Return local interests to the state powers and inspire free market competition between the states end unconstitutional federal taxes. Take responsibility back and control your future.

  19. Halleluja Bortvekkistan says:

    I Said I Will Kill President Barack Obama – watch?v=qYR6c6rXDyo

  20. KendrixTermina says:

    No matter what you think of Obama, how is that Romney madman or that other tea party extremist even an option? Some dudes who believe Global warming is a conspiracy? really? really? Please, dear Americans, be reasonable, it will affect the rest of us, too…

  21. crystal gardner-asher says:

    peace be with you

  22. TheSilviepie says:

    I find it interesting that a lot of people thought Ron Paul was crazy, but after 4 years, they begin to understand what he’s been saying for forever and realize that he is right.

  23. apa wollo says:

    We are the light guys- that`s what they fear the most. We are the ruling power in the universe, they can not withstand our force. Together we are one and complete, our biggest power is love. Check how they ban Ron Paul in the media, watch Ring of Power, research on revolution 2012, watch the matrix again…. look around you, read between the lines; the answer is out there and it`s inside everyone`s heart.

  24. superoctane says:

    Ron Paul believes states are more than capable of making their own laws,take care of their own schools and take care of their own sick & poor and do a better job at it than the federal government.With the trillions saved the federal government can do what it was originally intended to do.Protect your liberty and defend our land.Stop feeding our future to the military industrial complex who wants nothing less than world war 3 and VOTE FOR RON PAUL.

  25. Nelsonpro93 says:

    I swear to god why in the heck would people re-elect obama, thats just suicidal.Romney is against weed and is a mormon, RON PAUL will give states power to make their own laws.time to end this drug war i’m sick of it, peanuts kill more people than marijuana(0 deaths)that just pisses me off that all these other people i see smoke cigarettes(lung cancer, addiction if done alot) and drink alcohol:angered: (people are obnoxious when drunk) and they say marijuana is illegal? screw that Ron Paul 2012

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