[US Marines] When It Counts (HD)

The Few. The Proud. They are bound in honor to protect the freedom. Uploaded on the independence day. Semper Fi by Wargasm Music by Two Steps From Hell and X-Ray Dog
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  1. turkweytow jan kevin clarence says:

    How can i join?

  2. MIKEKITTSON003 says:

    QNXDR WHAT DID YOU SAY? I SPEAK ENGLISH I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR COMMENT SAID! I. AM JERMAN AND IRISH BUT I LIVE IN AMERICA!!! We are the proud and I support my troupe and I’m really hoping you did not foes respect my COUNTRY

  3. QNXDR says:

    Kann ich als Deutscher den USMC beitreten?

  4. bosdad7 says:

    let us hope there comes a day when we can honor the brave and honorable people that server. yet, they wont be need to do this job any longer.

  5. Nephila1776 says:


  6. QNXDR says:

    Can I join the U.S. Army without an american passport?

  7. uickid2012 says:

    feb 11 2013! Anyone else??

  8. LIgirl527 says:

    how lucky and blessed we are to have these brave men and women defend our nation! God Bless and keep everyone of them!

  9. Ariana Arroyo says:

    Shipping to MCRD Paris Island, SC July 8, 2013. OORAH!

  10. DevilPup2014 says:

    Shipping to Paris Island 5 august 2013; God Bless The Corps! Oorah!

  11. glitcherPROXx says:

    U.S. Marines can’t live without em.

  12. Dylan Wardlow says:

    Don’t come onto a US military video and talk crap about us you jealous fuck

  13. Poliglotaignoto says:

    HAHAAHAHA so stop supporting the U.S. military then ok? HAHAHAHAHAA

  14. Poliglotaignoto says:


  15. 0311GRUNT says:

    you’re obviously in one of those third world countries that we use for a stepping stone, ’cause you obviously dont know what the fuck youre talking about. news must not travel in the cave youre in.

  16. Ernest Casey says:

    this made me rip my shirt and punch something

  17. Dan4USCTroy says:

    Home of the brave, and home of the tough, Semper Fi “Always faithful” and that’s no bluff! They’re mighty and true,they protect our freedom for me and you. Honor Courage and commitment is what they’re taught to do. It’s all about protecting the red, white and the blue! Marines will never retreat, break or bend, they’re ready to fight, attack and defend. I respect our military, a brotherhood as they say God Bless this country and PROUD TO BE AMERICAN! I LOVE THE USA!

  18. TheAcp245 says:

    I get chills every time i watch this, will soon be among there status.

  19. stephan bent says:

    1:05 running out with a handgun, true badass. 

  20. Howard Carney says:

    Soldiers are in the Army. Maybe you posted this in the wrong place?

  21. Philip Johnson says:

    once a Marine, always a Marine! 2007-2011

  22. TehGooner says:

    Gave me goosebumps dayum.

  23. ThePandemonium333 says:

    Proud Marine Mom prays for all our Marines every second of the day. You are all my heroes. Semper Fi!

  24. likeaction5 says:

    exactly name of the music?

    Marines!!! oorah!!

  25. KoonKillin says:

    Shipping out to bootcamp August 12 2013!!!! oh shit

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