US Air Traffic on a Typical Day Shows Need for NextGen Air Traffic Control 2012 NASA 6min

more at scitech.quickfound.net “These NASA videos of current air traffic on a typical or atypical day best illustrate why NextGen will be so helpful. Managing air traffic is an extremely complex process. NextGen’s new technologies and ways of doing things will help keep the US air transportation system in smooth working order. Video credit: NASA/Smithsonian Air and Space Museum” Public domain film from NASA,. Film was silent; I have added music: “Glow in the Dark” from www.pacdv.com en.wikipedia.org The Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) is the name given to a new National Airspace System due for implementation across the United States in stages between 2012 and 2025. The Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) proposes to transform America’s air traffic control system from an aging ground-based system to a satellite-based system. NextGen GPS technology will be used to shorten routes, save time and fuel, reduce traffic delays, increase capacity, and permit controllers to monitor and manage aircraft with greater safety margins. To implement this the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will undertake a wide-ranging transformation of the entire United States air transportation system. This transformation has the aim of reducing gridlock, both in the sky and at the airports. In 2003, The United States Congress established the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO) to plan and coordinate the development of the Next Generation Air
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  1. RollingD83 says:

    Amazing video (but… worst MacGyver soundtrack cover ever :P).

  2. MrGalaxim says:

    This seems to be the most awesome visualization on the internet. I will never forget it.

  3. tnt254254 says:

    I like the planes that just go right through the storm like, THIS IS SPARTA!!

  4. jazevox says:

    pretty neat stuff, such a cool video. im sure cars traffic in the ground is far worst and even more congested. very nice presentation!

  5. futureATC6 says:

    The side view was awesome. Nice work.

  6. Roberto Mardis says:

    Interesting video… music not so great. Nextgen wills solve little. If every major airport had another runway or two, it would solve 90% of delays and congestion… and of course, why build runways when the answer is in automation and new computers?

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