US Air force puts on a SHOW OF FORCE in military exercise

The united states air force puts on another great air show in a recent military exercise. The United States Air Force (USAF) is the aerial warfare service br…
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  1. ArmedForcesUpdate says:


  2. ArmorKingEmir says:

    show of force? what force? well that would surely scare some banana

  3. Mad Puppet says:

    Ugh… This drill lacked excitement, plus every time i see (most) US
    soldiers…they don’t appear human to me, not sure why that’s the case but.
    i see them as non-human.

  4. mdkefren says:

    Taking control of Russian air space in 3, 2, 1…

  5. abc64pan says:

    Those C-117’s are probably the most beautiful looking transports ever. 

  6. Reel Russian says:

    Old shit being used to terrorize other countries. Fuck the US. 

  7. Ilya top_ten says:

    Omg, Nothing can be better than Russian Ruslan or Antoniv

  8. lehap desbois says:

    To be honest , the one from Russia was better

  9. Jorge Hdez says:

    RPG launcher can destroy this garbage.

  10. Jon Doe says:

    Those camel jockeys with AK’s must be shaken in their boots… Lol

  11. Shane Rooney says:

    “Hey, where is the coffee?”
    “the brew station is just over there.”

  12. Svally Viperz says:

    Get a C400 to that exercise….. That targets await

  13. King Spede II says:

    The USA isnt going to show their forces, it would only make more
    contreversy. They want to keep their might classified so the enemy doesnt
    know how strong their opponent is

  14. Kevin Wright says:

    Most Yanks feel this way: Eff you wimps that don’t have the balls or
    breasts to fight off an evil despotic government.
    Americans know we have a flawed system so we can vote them out and the
    Constitution limits the time George Jr can eff things up. Eff you assholes
    and the child labor you rode in on. The poorest Americans are the most
    generous people on earth. Eff you poor ignorant victims of your own
    wimpyness. By the way Persians are not thought of as enemies by Americans
    and it sucks that USA and Russia are in a tense state.

  15. BillyBoBaggin says:

    M8 Bangladesh will rek the U.S. Anyday.

  16. xXJR589Xx says:

    Iam starting to feel the person uploading these videos likes to hear people
    argue about there countries being better and that there military is better.
    Iam not saying the videos are the cause, it’s the titles he puts on them.
    This was not a show of force but a simple exercise. P.S: If you been saying
    your country better than others or the There people then your just a
    stereotype and who hates on a group of people just because you dislike
    something THERE Gov is doing. 

  17. Neal Vanderstelt says:

    transport jets aren’t exactly force butterball! 

  18. Texas Chris 82 says:

    Dang these airplanes are old did yall see the sparks flying of of them? 

  19. Grace Gabrielsen says:

    Wow the Warthog and all those paratroopers coming out of that plane like
    baby chicks. I would have like to been in the cockpit of that
    transportation plane while it was flying and landing and taking off. Great
    job! Thank you for sharing.

  20. SophiaDi0r says:

    Best pilot in the world … landing and taking off was amazing and quick
    flare display.

  21. Ilyaaz Bilal says:

    Only used against defenseless countries .

  22. Ciprin Zemea says:

    lol those things dont flare at all when landing

  23. Kiona Moeru Kaze says:

    Meh that 30 years old outdated junk is a nice “SHOW OF FORCE”.This shit
    makes Zimbabwe air force look strong!

  24. Billsiv says:

    It wasn’t a “show of force,” it was simply a military exercise. I love the
    content of this channel just the titles are complete whore shit.

  25. Jones George says:

    US Air force puts on a SHOW OF FORCE in military …:

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