Unscripted ‘Old Dogs’ – Complete Interview

We can barely contain the laughs when ‘Old Dogs’ John Travolta, Robin Williams and Seth Green stop by our studio to riff on Christopher Walken impressions, favorite pick-up lines and crashing weddings after a few cocktails.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. bluesman332 says:

    3:17 when robin said “dude” had me laughing soo long

  2. Canadaroxmysox247 says:

    where do you live? BAHAHAHA he is a genius in all senses of the word…

  3. shinexonn31 says:

    Robin Williams is a true comedic genius, and I think he is one of the greatest actors of all time. A lot of people tend to stick him into just the comedy part, but he can really act in ANY role. That’s the mark of a truly wonderful actor. John Travolta as well is magnificent! He will forever own my heart as Danny Zuko. 🙂

  4. nemisissy says:

    if you’ve ever seen robin williams on whose line is it anyway, you realize this man is a comic and improv genius

  5. Absolutmanga says:

    I loved how in the end when John Travolta told about his favorite day off the others where just “yeah well fuck you, you rich boy with youre own airport..” 😀 Watch especially Seth for that reaction =)

  6. anabelachaves says:

    LMAO!!! robin saying “waaaw, get real!”

  7. oracularowl says:

    favorited this video within ten seconds

  8. 3434aaaa says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Seth is way out of his league sitting between these two legends ? He is just this annoying little weasel.

  9. 3434aaaa says:

    Robin Williams is clearly the boss in this video. The other two are just supporting cast.

  10. jjmhk says:

    love the laugh at 0.55!!

  11. anabelachaves says:

    “waaaaw, get real!”

  12. TheKatrineeee says:

    i hate the way he talk’s about homeless people…

  13. SteveTwoTheO says:

    03:31 they didn’t censor 😀

  14. EffLabels says:

    Notice how uncomfortable John Travolta gets when they mention the ‘gay cripple’

  15. EffLabels says:

    Aww I laughed at his ‘fuck off suzie’ line

  16. iDraw3G says:

    Why did they have to include Seth Green?

  17. ThePeterson21 says:

    seth green is so anoying

  18. basher099 says:

    you’re wrong

  19. Bluewavec2004 says:

    Seth Green is so out of his league with these giants left and right of him…tries too hard, and falls flat.

  20. waterfall1970 says:

    i agree.

  21. dlh9690 says:

    Yeah and when you think about it, you have to have a crazy IQ to be able to come up with all that stuff off the top of your head. He really does have a brilliant mind, he just uses it for laughter instead of science.

  22. waterfall1970 says:

    i love to hear robin when he seriously considers a question and answers it seriously. he is an intelligent man who appears to fall into the comic role as a form of escape.

  23. watchmyreturn says:

    amazing looooooool
    comedy legend

  24. bkakaak47 says:

    robin williams = comedy legend

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