University of Illinois Formula SAE Chassis Fabrication Time Lapse Video

This is the time lapse video of the 2009 University of Illinois Formula SAE chassis fabrication which took place from approximately the beginning of December…

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  1. Kevin Lam says:

    From start to finish how much does the car cost?

  2. UIUCFSAE says:

    Including the cost of competition, approximately $70k.

  3. HoeLily says:

    how can i get in this program

  4. UIUCFSAE says:

    Please search for “fsaeuiuc” and you will be able to find all of our
    remaining videos, including videos from the Virginia competition. If you
    would like more information about the team, let me know and I will send you
    my contact information.

  5. Stephanie Ho says:

    hell yeah!!

  6. Kevin Lam says:

    Do you guys sell your old competition cars?

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