Understanding the Ways You Can Make Money at Home with Downlines

Understanding the Ways You Can Make Money at Home with Downlines

Article by Daegan Smith

Author and businessman Robert Kiyosaki once said that if he could re-do his entry into business, he would start his own network marketing venture. network marketing is a concept and business model that is well-known and understood around the world. It’s a business built on downlines, the term used to refer to recruited members in an MLM organization. And if you want to make money at home with an MLM business, you need to understand how money can be made from your downlines.

MLM and your downlines

MLM has been around for decades and yet, it remains as one of the most misunderstood business models. People tend to forget that network marketing is a non-traditional business, in that it does not work in the same manner as other types of businesses. For one, it’s the type of business that thrives on group or team effort. It is also a business that allows members to earn commissions on account of the sales generated by other members, specifically their downlines.

You’ve probably heard of the mantra ‘the money is on the list’ for online businesses. When you’re in an MLM business, it’s more like ‘the money is in your contacts’ or downlines. After all, an MLM business is built on its members ñ the more you have, the stronger your sales team will become. With your downlines, you can achieve your business goals in just a matter of months. The right connections can help you make money at home.

How your downlines work

Network marketing works in a very simple way: Member A recruits Member B, who becomes the downline. Member A can choose to recruit another downline if he wants, which will be Member C. In turn, Members B and C can recruit other members who will also become their own downlines.

If Member A’s two downlines recruit by twos, the third tier will result to Member A’s having six members in his roster. As these other members recruit other members, your team grows, earning you not only commissions from their membership fees but also from their sales.

How you can make money at home with your downlines

It’s not rocket science but making your downlines work for you requires well-calculated strategies. Even without prior experience in MLM, you can increase your chances at succeeding if you understand how it truly works.

Understand the business.

Do not begin the recruitment process without first knowing what is required of you. Find out what the products are, how they work, what the competing products are and who the market will be. Your downlines will want to know if the products are saleable.

You can only convince them so much about how well-designed the commission scheme is. If they donít see real value with what you and they will be selling as members, you might fail in convincing them to join.

Spend time and effort in targeted recruitment.

The key to making money with your downlines is to recruit the right people. Try to create a strategy by which you will be able to find and meet potential members who will not only be willing to sign up as your downlines but also work. Four hardworking downlines will easily trump 25 lazy ones.

Start with people you know will be interested in the network marketing business. If you market to people who are already interested, you’ll have better chances of ensuring the quality of your team.

Follow through.

There will be days when your downlines fail to deliver. In network marketing, this is normal. They could be hitting a sales slump or business is just naturally slow. However, that’s not a reason for you to be complacent. You might be working at home but donít make this an excuse not to make more money with your downlines. Keep in constant communication with them, check their progress, offer support and advice and if necessary, meet with them periodically. You’ll have better success at network marketing if you nurture your business relationships.

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