Understanding Formula 1: Factory Hinwil. Exterior Shots.

The construction of the new factory building in Hinwil took about one and a half year. With the new building, the BMW Sauber F1 Team doubled the size of the factory. In October 2007, the Munich…
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  1. Gernsback says:

    i would love to work here

  2. Mirco0 says:

    Funny they never show the smoking waste incineration just next to the

  3. Silver J says:

    LMAO the receptionist lady has a F1 car to look at all day 😀

  4. haziqdaF1fanatic says:

    Nice building it was….really nice…. One day,I will work right

  5. arox123 says:

    Nice video! 🙂

  6. kut52 says:

    love these videos

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