Underground Explosive Twitter Traffic – How to Make a Free @ Reply Bot

GET MORE FREE TRAFFIC TECHNIQUES – freetrafficwiz.com Here is a cool little video I did on how to set up a free twitter bot. This bot will search twitter for people talking about specific topics or ‘conversational threads’ and automatically @ reply those people including a pre-written tweet and a link to a website you choose. Great for promoting a squeeze page or CPA products.
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  1. MeganBHenderson says:

    covert-traffic.info = FREE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE

  2. merachelyou says:

    I actually know how to do this. A little programming required.

  3. 71yungjaye says:

    How can i randomize tweet via this?

  4. hajrobabo says:

    Any tip how to avoid ban? I have been banned for six times..

  5. gabeIu says:

    the best way is to have a mass account creator like the one from bit . ly /TwitterAccountCreator

  6. cannabiscuties says:

    I am actually having this same issue 🙁 help

  7. danephillips says:

    Of caorse you get banned you grab the traffic and move on to another twitter account ..

  8. shenlong73 says:

    Twitter slaps these type of posts HARD. I tried this and got banned, one account at a time, 5 times. They notice if you’re only posting replies all consisting of the same message.

  9. Christian Hermida says:

    mine wont @reply it just remetions their twitter account

  10. thekoolman3cp says:

    Hello! I have a problem… it didn’t work for me. ON the twitterfeed website, when I put in the RSS link, it says

    “Your feed might be empty or missing publish dates or GUIDs. A feed needs to contain publish dates or GUIDs in order to work with twitterfeed, see help”

    Can you please help?

  11. Helvecio Gomes says:


  12. SirForsyth says:

    Great video! Just a question: How do I prevent the bot from including the original tweets in the replies?

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