Uncover The Meaning Of Attraction Marketing

Uncover The Meaning Of Attraction Marketing

Article by Kelechi Ibe

Attraction Marketing is precisely an easy concept but it deludes 97% of MLMer because of it’s simplicity. Too often people look for complex solutions and run around looking for answers outside themselves in a “super tool”, meanwhile all the answers lies in them.

I would summarize attraction marketing in 2 simple sentence and those who “get it” would become wealthy because of it. They would learn how to succeed in this industry with least efforts.

Before i share with you the 2 sentence just know that the concept of Attraction Marketing is all about branding You Inc. 97% of Network Marketers today, vomits their business opportunity to people who they have never met or who have never met them. Can you imagine meeting a lady on the first day and say to her “please let get married?”. She probably run thinking you are mad. Still that is what novice marketers do and they wonder why people run away from them and their business.

So how do you get to appeal to people to come to you?, how do you get people to ask about your opportunity instead of you shoving your business down their throat? How do you get the better of objections? How do you become the hunted instead of the hunter?

What is the concepts of ATTRACTION MARKETING that unlocks everything…

Here it is…

People would only join people or follow someone who they observe as a leader with LOTS of value and you can only become a leader by increasing your value to the world.

If you do not know how to market, why on earth should they stick to you.. for what? Would you follow you, if you where them?

Become a confident leader who instructs and teach people and show them how “it is done”. Your duty is to start from today to being that individual

Secondly, it is your ability to assert your value to prospects through marketing. People fail to realize that this industry is mainly about marketing, whether it is online or offline. It is called Network “marketing”, Internet “Marketing”, affiliate “marketing” for a reason.

I can give you leads all day long, but if you don’t see yourself as a leader and express those leadership qualities through your marketing, you ‘ll never sponsor any of them.

You see, the concept appertaining to attraction marketing is actually giving without wanting back. If you give people free value and “over deliver” with your teaching, they would be the one chasing you for MORE. Leaders give the facts and novice try to hard sell without giving value first.

Once you get a person to seek for more knowledge first- instead of hunting him down- BALL GAME-

All of a sudden you are in charge of everything. You’ve successfully positioned yourself to be an expert instead of a sale man trying to get in their wallet. After over delivering, now they know, like and trust you and you have broken that obstruction, that barrier. This is crucial for your network marketing success.

In summary the theory of attraction marketing can be rounded up like this, people join you for 2 reasons and for these reasons only.

They believe you are a confident leader that would take them to where they want and/or you have a system in place they feel they can benefit from. That’s all. That is the secret of Attraction Marketing.

If you are still marketing a companies replicated website that is filled with boring details about your company instead of marketing YOU as the leader they need to follow by first teaching them and instructing them on how to better what they are currently doing, then you are not attractive in their eyes. They would look for a leader some place else.

Remember, first become valuable by educating yourself on how to market, then teach and instruct people on how to market and grow their own business and if you do that they would do whatever you say.

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Attraction Marketing is what TOP leaders use to build huge empires, wouldn’t you want to discover what it is that they know?

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