UK Bans Twitter, Facebook, MSN & Youtube? (UK Riots)

London Riots: UK prime minister David Cameron might censor or try banning social networking sites such as twitter, facebook & blackberry messaging service BBM. To stop crime organised via social media. Cameron “police were facing a new circumstance where rioters were using the Blackberry Messenger service, a closed network, to organise riots.” “We’ve got to examine that and work out how to get ahead of them,” he added. Any move to ban social networks would mark a huge shift in Britain’s internet policy, with free speech advocates unlikely to remain silent in the face of a new wave of censorship in the UK like it is in China Iran & Egypt.
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  1. mickburke15 says:

    the police started the riot so they could have the excuse to ban social networks.A police state in the uk is now getting the final touches allmost there,folks

  2. MrScoob1988 says:

    thinking u cant ban freedom of speech but ppl should be prosicuted for using them to insight chaos and to promote law breaking

  3. AlphaOmegaSin says:

    good people shouldn’t have to suffer because tons of assholes decided to destroy shit.

  4. USAdude30 says:

    I hope the end result in this isn’t a police state,maybe that’s the real deal plan in all this,who knows.

  5. PoseidonHermes says:


    England will be the first country in Europe to return to DICTATORSHIP AND POLICE STATE :
    You have the following film scripts possible

    1. V for Vendetta
    2. 28 days later
    3. Orange Clockwork
    4. Children of Men
    5. Brazil
    The UK is broke and the politicians corrupt

  6. sparkie72 says:

    Mmm a staged shooting causing the riot’s.Now their making new STATUES for the NWO policy enforcers to police on to the masses,looking at filtering the internet,they tried that with the kiddy porn idea.
    And they earn money by all those arrest’s,by the issue of prison bond’s into the system.That the banker’s then monize for their gain,ruling the world as they have all the power,because people hand over there right’s.
    Look at the world now after 9/11,we are at war for NO REASON!

  7. BobCINAL says:

    To be honest mate. I’d be happy to give up my social networks too. If it stopped these little toe-rags in the process

  8. westchesterny says:

    @HoRRibLeSHoTs U.S. has that & there wasn’t even a riot. Step up surveillance in U.S. would mean having army men in your home, in your bed even. But even then, things might not be safe enough!!!!!! We have cameras on every street, are you sure you don’t? And if you are just a documented worker like all other documented workers on earth, as we are just workers, –let’s work! work! work!– then how will they know if you have no document? So, you must be photo-ed and documented!!

  9. SirChimpsalot says:

    What Cameron should do is ban the suspooks instead of social media.

  10. POEoeta says:

    THIS is fascism, anarchy in the UK I say …
    This means that the state feels threatened by what he is doing, is afraid …
    CAZZO, YOU are thE united kingdom, not the china SFATTONA!

    london BURNING

  11. TheArchangelNexus says:

    No more videos for rioters? Aren’t they out rioting? Are they really uploading?

  12. FELIXjk007 says:

    @TheJon2280 what peaceful protest was he shot after? he was caught on his mobile planning to shoot a rival gang member..?

  13. sarxpoker says:

    @TheJon2280 i know all about it m8. thats what started it off in tottenham.once the news shown the police in tottenham letting them get away with it,the rest of the UK thaught fuck it.

  14. TravistheHuman says:

    The UK seems to have a tendency to allow a few bad apples screw things up for everyone. Kind of reminds me of how the US got the PATRIOT Act. They waited until people were afraid. Also reminds me of a city that caught all the crack dealers in one day and it work until new dealers filled the market void and this time the cops didn’t know where the crack was coming from. If they can’t use FB they’ll find something the government doesn’t know about.

  15. TheJon2280 says:

    @sarxpoker he was a scumbag and nobody liked him……..still doesnt change the fact that he got shot, check and he was the reason the riots started , check.

    so fella what was the point of your reply?

  16. Shwanson4 says:

    I think it’s the government trying to ban stupid people from the internet, but that will never ever happen. Gratz to the rioters though. Semi-related, in the United States twitter and facebook has gotten some of our important politicians fired or forced them to step down, lol. Thank you twitter and facebook!

  17. Socomvet100 says:

    banning freedoms is bullshit putting a foot up some peices of shit asses priceless

  18. sarxpoker says:

    @TheJon2280 so how do you explain only 3 poeple have left flowers at the place he was shot?

  19. funnyvideiofreak says:

    @HoRRibLeSHoTs no its not because of the system being bad, its because of the system being to good for people.
    95% of the rioters are foreign people.
    The fucking goverment there (and also in my country) are being a fucking pussy to those foreign / immigrant people. They give them loads of tax money so that they can start a “future”.
    But no, those spoiled, idiotic, fucking immigrants just want more and more, so they started a riot and become “looters” or in other words , fucking pirates.

  20. TheJon2280 says:

    @MiClLC why dont you stop drinking the haterade faggot and get a clue.

  21. TheJon2280 says:

    @sarxpoker only faggots say this is becvause of money that this riot started, somebody got shot people saw red…. that was the reason this whole riot started you dumb fuck Not money

  22. TheJon2280 says:

    @MiClLC to continue my last reply to your ignorant stupid reply, your original comment of “the royals are driving around in rolls royce’s” was so out of the context of what the riot was really about to begin with, Somebody got shot after a peaceful protest that was the whole driving force out of the first day, the 2nd and 3rd day was destruction of private property (including rented domiciles) and robbing a asain student, and burning and looting sotres which had fk all to do with it.

  23. TheJon2280 says:

    @MiClLC look at what your saying, “you completely lack the ability to think for yourself” really bro ?? really lol

    For a start even typing this reply shows i do think for myself, the ignorance you show is how you believe it to be all the governments fault… are you really that fucking dumb seriously?

    Yea im real sure the government put social workers into a paid job just so they can go out and loot goods from a store which has nothing to do with the riot.


  24. MiClLC says:

    @TheJon2280 Stick to playing video games kid. Politics obviously isnt in your ballpark. You clearly only follow whatever the mainstream view is (or whatever the BBC tells you) and you completely lack the ability to think for yourself and use common sense logic. People dont riot just because they feel like it, theres ALWAYS a cause behind their anger. Its sad the ignorant existence you live.

  25. sarxpoker says:

    9 billion on the olympics

    50 million royal wedding

    20,000 to loose jobs after government give train contract to siemens germany

    a government of millionaire public school boys telling the poor of the country to tighten there belts..

    gas, electricity, fuel, food prices rocketing upwards

    unemployment high,no pension provisions, wage cuts, wage freeze,longer working hours, working to older age, no future ,,,

    (comment copied)

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