Type A Machines: 3D Printing That’s Affordable and Reliable

Forged in the fires of Noisebridge and TechShop, a team of dedicated hackers set out on an epic journey to bring better desktop 3D printers within everyone’s…
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  1. John Goodwin says:

    As a Pattern Maker I saw this coming many years ago when I went to a
    woodworking machine show. At that time (middle 80’s) they were
    demonstrating robot arms routing out a figure of a guy who had his
    photograph taken from many angles, put through a computer and set the robot
    to produce his figure full size from a block of dense styrene and
    automatically picking out its cutters from a huge bank of cutter heads,
    doing all this in a flash. So 3D printing is a lead off from that I presume
    and gradually my trade is still going but I knew back then that was the
    first call to find another job. 

  2. George Foster says:

    Right around 16:10 the CEO was talking and the interviewer just spaces out
    and starts playing with the gears, WTF are you thinking? Try and keep it a
    little more professional when you want to sell millions of dollars worth of
    a new product.

    I like this printer and have not decided yet what one I will buy but this
    one seems like a good product, thanks for the video. 

  3. Christopher Khut says:


    Hey guys please check out my project~~~!!!

  4. Landon Brecheisen says:

    $2,295.00 for a Type A Machine 3d printer. All of the products are over

  5. Frank Guthrie says:

    Great machine. I saw it on Amazon… just wondering: what is the estimated
    release date for the printer? 

  6. gremlinsbreath says:

    Some Current prices for comparison.

    Type A Machine $2749
    Makerbot 2X $2499
    Makerbot Replicator $2899
    Makerbot Z18 $6499
    Printrbot Simple metal $599
    Printrbot Plus $999
    Printrbot Go Large $1999
    Asterid 1000HB $569
    Cube X $2499
    Cube X Duo $2999
    Cube X Trio $3999

  7. George Foster says:

    10-12 week time to get this shipped! No way!!! They just lost my business
    when I read that part on their site. If I have to wait 3 months for
    something I paid $2300.00 for then I want $500.00 rebate or in free

  8. John Johnson says:

    This technology was presented to me as a Manufacturing Engineer in the
    Detroit Metro area in the last 10 years. Jay Leno’s garage featured on “My
    Classic Car” peaked my interest with the replacement parts he was able to
    cast for a car that was probably the only one left after WW I and WW II
    recycling the iron and steel from old cars. I am into “Reverse
    Engineering” and the technology is a new twist on making replacement parts
    from a sample original part. Todays processes to digitize an object is
    where I’ve been focusing my interest and the content of this YouTube video
    has been a good introduction to the technology of “3D Printing”. I did not
    pursue my Masters Degree, much to my sorrow, writing my thesis on reverse
    engineering and what I had already saved in my library would have been

    Good stuff! Thanks for the video!

  9. ijustwanttoseetitty says:

    I have never seen an interviewer with THREE different hair colours like

  10. Ingmarthegeek says:

    Okay so the claim was around $1200-1400. The only thing on the website now
    is the Next Gen Series 1 which starts at $2295!!!!! Bring back the cheaper
    plywood box.

  11. brianisfromvegas says:

    Holy shit I thought this guy was Phillip Seymour Hoffman right when the
    video began. Anywho, great video guys.

  12. James Thorogood says:

    9:05 Dat Noise

  13. Terry Pullen says:

    Landon Brecheisen “Why do 3d printers cost as much as they do when you can
    get all the parts for under $500?”
    Rent a building hire, 10 people, purchase capitol equipment and
    advertising, fly around looking for investors, pay yourself enough to buy
    groceries and see if it still costs $500. Amazes me how shallow people
    think when it comes to money. 

  14. Thetreetroll says:

    He’s getting the google glass lazy eye! lol watch videos of folks using
    google glass and one eye is open wider then the other almost every time

  15. George Foster says:

    Maybe they could have done a retake on the final removal of the demo part.
    What would have happened to a detailed part if it was just tossed across
    the room during removal, not so good guys. The interviewer needs to get rid
    of the stupid google glass during an interview, pay attention to the man
    speaking, and find a different job other than interviewing people. 

  16. Frank Blackcrow says:

    Having a web browser to do your prints brings into question “who’s web
    site” that browser will go to, will it just be a fake one that you use as
    in HTML format or will it be under the control of Type A Machines.
    Printers need to be stand alone and bot need to have a net connection, so
    that if your out in the middle of no-where on a laptop and running on solar
    panels with no phone line you still get your machine to work.

    p.s fuck Google+.

  17. mammonmagazin says:

    lol…I really thought he´d be from taiwan, providing “taipeh machines”

  18. limitedslip82 says:

    this guy is A FUCKING JOKE… if you go to his site his filament is $45 a
    pound you can buy it for $30 for 2.2lbs elsewhere 

  19. Bolt says:

    haha this dudes wearing google glass

  20. Roy Rivers says:
  21. Deviantone101 says:

    use the a can of air the cooling process help remove it faster 

  22. Robert Scoble says:

    *A look at the best 3D printer company: Type A Machines*

    It’s not me saying that Type A Machines has the best 3D printer in the
    midrange category, it’s Make Magazine. Speaking of Make, this weekend is
    Maker Faire http://makerfaire.com/ at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds. If
    you never have been, I highly recommend it. Going there you can see tons of
    vendors like Type A Machines and meet lots of people passionate about
    making things.

    Learn more about Type A Machines at http://www.typeamachines.com/

    The maker world has never been hotter and listening to Type A Machines CEO
    Kevin Rowney gets you into this manufacturing revolution. Watch the video

  23. creatorseven says:

    the guy on the right is a moron

  24. reaton33 says:

    why not test print something more advanced? every test print i see coming
    from every company is an object with zero overhang and is basically an
    extruded 2d shape

  25. Landon Brecheisen says:

    Why do 3d printers cost as much as they do when you can get all the parts
    for under $500?

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