Turning On Your Magnetic Attraction Switch

Turning On Your Magnetic Attraction Switch

Article by Travis W. Birch

You decide who comes into your life as your mate. You might agree if you believe that you are in charge of your happiness… and that you are responsible for being single.

When you get right down to it, it makes perfect sense!

For many, this relates to a financial well-being… but it applies to every aspect of existence, including dating. And as the concept of the law of attraction says, “as a man thinketh, so shall he be.”

The search for Mr. or Ms. Right starts with you and for some that is a bitter little pill to swallow. Like most people you may feel that you are ready to find your life-long soul mate. But are you prepared to look for her or him deep within yourself. Maybe you want your ideal person to have a great body and to be athletic and active, but are you this way yourself? If you want to attract an honest, loving and caring person, can you honestly say you are the same way?

That is the pickle you find yourself in when trying to maximize the power of the law of attraction to get what you want and deserve.

If you are the type that feels that you don’t deserve love, the universe won’t send it to you. It will send what your subconscious tells it you deserve. Consider if you will, placing your focus on improving yourself, instead of focusing on attracting your soul mate.

Just imagine who you might attract that way.

We communicate our wants to the universe with feelings and conviction and that can happen through speech or with our actions. Considering the people you might be attracting now, it might be worth a try. What’s nice about the law of attraction is you get what you ask for. That can be both an advantage and a disadvantage when it comes to dating.

You can and do attract people in and out of your life. This concept of controlling your destiny isn’t new, but it is a concept that tends to escape most, perhaps because it seems too easy to be true. Take a look at who you’ve attracted thus far, if you are satisfied, then congratulations.

But, if not, then consider working first to be the type of person you wish to attract, you might be amazed that you will not only like who comes into your life, but you will also love yourself more. The law of attraction is real.

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