Truth Rage: Status Updates

Status updates are cool if they are interesting. The sad part is most status updates are about boring, common, re-occurring events in someone’s dull life.
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  1. CxSteamPunKxD says:

    0:54 now that…that is 98% of my added friends(not) in my social account post 24/7 xD I even said no one cares once and they get all worked up on me ._.

  2. CTmera says:

    @kaddany4644 Herpaderp xD

  3. kaddany4644 says:

    @CTmera He even made a video about this channel. lol

  4. LuisBelloB says:

    i love this guy

  5. Creaturelover18 says:

    I hate girls on facebook who are in an “on-and-off”-relationship, updating their status every week and her stupid friends just say gratz instead of telling her to grow a fucking brain and stop updating her status because we all know how it goes and we’re sick of that, or simply just dump that guy.

  6. loser6574 says:

    Finally some one I can agree with about facebook! My boss was on Facebook today and said the persons status “Water Broke Going to the Hospital” and my boss said to me “How dumb are these people you should be worring about having a kid and not logging on facebook and type into your phone pointless shit no one cares about like that.”

  7. benxr2006 says:

    sweet jesus this is awesome

  8. CTmera says:


  9. sirnica94 says:

    paint ownz

  10. PeanutsGaming says:

    Bro McBrostein 😀

  11. QazJer says:

    HAHAHA “Ugly Single Girl likes this” thats so fucking true lol!

  12. bbqjt says:

    @PlaguedMan I agree, I could listen to him talk about everything, sometimes to hear his amazing points, and sometimes just for the sheer hilariousness he adds to make it sound like the people doing (or using) it are idiots. Ironically, the people who do stuff like this, are idiots.

  13. ThePwnedsouthpark says:

    gotta post this to facebook, so people will stop thier facebooking ways….

  14. yoyogo13 says:

    I quit Facebook because of these reasons,

  15. w00tf00d says:

    You are quite possibly the smartest man ever

  16. Exstadrenaline says:

    This is point by point the most accurate description of a facebook relationship timeline.

  17. Screevera says:

    i like the way he says nobody cares.. ._.

  18. MajorUnderdashPain says:

    Did you forget to breathe for the last minute and a half of the video? 😛

  19. RyvernRaigon says:

    Everyone, and i mean EVERYONE has to admit that this is true, unless you are one of those people. My friend’s girlfriend is like that and he hates when she does that, and when he tells her about that, and she misunderstands it.

  20. tsetsoooo says:


  21. cmonimpro says:

    Linking this to every useless post I see on Facebook.

  22. narutoboys9700 says:

    the douchbags play dks

  23. hoskinskid48 says:

    Bro McBrostein approves this message.

  24. Lightwader3338 says:

    Crendor, you (and southpark) made me delete my facebook acount. Life has gone alot easier for me since then…

  25. 205up90down says:

    @PlaguedMan wowcrendor books on tape would be awesome

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