TRULY TRUDY: Rebellious

Trudy goes to a party! (voice overs by sean plummer. Animation made possible by the sims 2. Two second Introduction performed by the all boys choir at the Royal Albert Hall. www.youtube.com .) Have the Church Thugs on the go! Download the Church Thugs FREE Mixtape at: Mixtapepage.com www.mixtapepage.com Purchase The Church Thugs Debut Album at Itunes: itunes.apple.com JOIN THE CHURCH SOCIAL NETWORK! Like us on facebook www.facebook.com Follow Trudy on twitter at twitter.com Follow Choir Director on Twitter at twitter.com Follow Lil Ricky on Twitter at twitter.com Like The Church Thugs On Facebook at www.facebook.com Get more Church Thugs music & information at www.reverbnation.com Sean Terrell Plummer’s Social Network: Like Me on Facebook at www.facebook.com Add me on Facebook at www.facebook.com Follow Sean Terrell on Twitter at twitter.com Hear My Music at www.reverbnation.com

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  1. jpkuremi says:

    The way black preacher was staring out the window at the end! ROFLOLOL!!

  2. Penelopelove says:


  3. jadadavis11 says:


  4. Snowpawz215 says:

    lol ” oh my goodness trudy yo daddy finally let you out. thats a miracle girl you need to go head and praise him!”

  5. waterfairy555 says:

    that preacher is so funny!

  6. J6STRANGZ says:


  7. subzuro06 says:

    lol ” god didnt make me yo friend he made me yo daddy..Girl get yo behind up them stairs and do yo homewowrk aand goto bed!” lololol

  8. ladylmonteiro says:

    Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow don’t stand to me like that

  9. lgurl28 says:

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa lol

  10. mizudesu says:

    Lol black preacher just loomin in the window at the end. Lol he salty

  11. Mwbelthrop says:


  12. Lonelyeco says:

    Dang Black Preacher was in the window. Oh snap!

  13. ernestperryjr says:

    shoutouts to Keyboard Kid LMBO!!!!!!!!!

  14. nulosounds says:

    No Key board kid is the musician at the church and the Pastor always have him around

  15. simysim says:

    XD i told one of the kids that at the children’s room for my daycare ministry and they told there mom and they told my grandma and my grandma said “This Miss.*** came to pick up her son and he was scared of what you said,but she wanted me to tell you thank you for some new advice XD” i love that round here i beats kids for that line XD

  16. MMEJx8292 says:


  17. Katsumerisfun says:

    wait a minute arent they brother and sister

  18. gracebeautyfaith says:


  19. MMEJx8292 says:

    trudy and keyboard kid shud get married in da future lool

  20. ashleypoohgirl says:

    i wanna see part 2. this is soo funny. black preacher is hilarious. i have watch all 27 of your videos

  21. happeedaiye says:

    “Well…I guess there’s nothing else to say but… God didn’t make me your friend, He made me your DADDY! Girl, get your behind upstairs, do your homework and go to bed! You ain’t goin to no party, especially no party by TennisQuenisha. And especially no party named OMFG…GFOM…OMG-GFGMGFGFMOG! OH!!!” You have GOT to love Black Preacher!

  22. doedoemyt says:

    — Yes… he’s gotta make her PRAISE and keyboard kid is gonna be mad while playing cuz Trudy did him dirty!

  23. robinsons6 says:

    I am enjoying this series

  24. robinsons6 says:

    I am enjoying this series

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