TROLL LIPS and more! IMG! #51

LINKS: www.Twitter.com www.Facebook. Vsauce Tshirts: www.districtlines.com music by: www.Soundcloud.com skull violins: i.imgur.com most popular social networks by country: vincos.it kid in cart: theclearlydope.tumblr.com tree head in mirror: www.flickriver.com what color is the moon: www.cis.rit.edu Earth’s water gathered into a ball: apod.nasa.gov TROLL LIPS: roosterteeth.com SUPERHERO LIPS: www.geekologie.com Nicholas Knight’s “social network”: www.ignant.de FB timeline pics: www.reddit.com hidden people animated gif: i.imgur.com Baby doll island: amog.com climbing goats: www.flickr.com hidden face: www.moillusions.com post-it note decoration: www.oddee.com building mirror: www.moillusions.com Robert The books: www.beautifullife.info stacking paper artist: blog.gaborit-d.com converted water tower: weburbanist.com beard strap: theclearlydope.tumblr.com mashable cuff links: mashable.com YKK group: en.wikipedia.org satisfied animals: weruletheinternet.com animals using computers: wildammo.com suit yourself: shitbrix.com sculptures escaping: 24.media.tumblr.com Kit Kat flavors: wildammo.com
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  1. TheAmazingTurtleBoy says:

    my zipper says EA ­čśŤ

  2. Dop122 says:

    1:48 I got a´╗┐ Blow job from those.

  3. dweebmodeON says:

    The face is on the far´╗┐ Right a little lower than the middle

  4. 5cybertron says:

    my zipper says old´╗┐ navy

  5. 5cybertron says:

    i dont know´╗┐ where the face is!

  6. 3jcorpus says:

    i found´╗┐ the face!!!

  7. Dropkickjosh8 says:

    Right when I read this I looked and Holy shit there´╗┐ it is.

  8. Dropkickjosh8 says:

    Is the face in the woods James Woods?´╗┐

  9. Zach Scott says:

    did´╗┐ he say “assfault”??? I thought it was pronounced “Ashfault”

  10. Cat Johnson says:

    My zipper´╗┐ says ykk!

  11. mostwantedguru says:

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  12. Cora Stinson says:

    The sun is green. DEAD´╗┐ serious.

  13. syracuse5610 says:

    my zipper´╗┐ says nothing!

  14. awesomevloging21 says:

    Mine says ykk´╗┐

  15. Barbralady86 says:

    My zipper´╗┐ says nothing absolutely nothing

  16. LivingOilSlick says:

    Mine says OLD NAVY.´╗┐

  17. Ryu Chan says:

    on the right´╗┐ crner

  18. Ryu Chan says:


  19. DurableRaptor says:

    mine says´╗┐ levi’s

  20. TheGamerMarley says:


  21. halofan4ever117 says:

    i have button jeans on, no zipper´╗┐ ­čÖü

  22. IaJaxV1 says:

    love´╗┐ TCG? Download Monster Paradise from the app store enter in my code:qN7avSA while making your character and get a sweet monster after you beat the imp captain.

  23. tokyOgoomba says:

    my zipper said YKK´╗┐ o.O

  24. H2Echo says:

    My zipper says´╗┐ SAB, I feel so different now ­čśÇ

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