Trillian Astra, and how get it FREE – all in one chat + email + social networking

www.Trillian.im Astra is a brand new chat service that allows you to communicate with other Trillian Astra users. By using Trillian Astra, you automatically …

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  1. forrealee says:

    oh very nice! and no prob dude

  2. Dafydd Owen says:

    Cool vid man, Trillian Astra looks frickin’ awesome.

  3. Superspeedysupra says:

    interesting. i have been using Trillian for the past 4-5 years and recently
    came across Trillian Astra. I downloaded it several months ago from the
    TRILLIAN Website and the program did indicate to me that it was a trial
    version but even after it ran out i have not had any problems using any
    features. HOWEVER, each time i launch the program i am prompted to UPDATE
    but i do not in fear that some of the features are not available. im not
    sure i that will be any help but that is my experience.

  4. forrealee says:

    oh really? weird, video chat works for me. not sure why its giving you
    trouble… :/

  5. fghori786 says:

    so i also got the latest build’s pro version off of a torrent site, yet i’m
    not able to use the video-chatting feature; in conversation boxes i don’t
    see that button or any option to have one. have you had the same issue?

  6. Damak Supermarket says:

    @forrealee No problem mate. thanks for your reply by the way.

  7. forrealee says:

    lmao, i think you both have to have trillian for that to work, or msn.

  8. forrealee says:

    lol thanks

  9. BlaccBoii says:

    just released for the i-phone too

  10. jpsegura17 says:

    my trillian is asking me if i want to update….what happens if i accept??
    will i lose the pro?

  11. Renegadus says:

    how do you do video chats in astra??

  12. andyhavoc says:

    I’m just notifying people that Trillian Astra has a free version. You
    forgot to mention that in your video. Thats all.

  13. forrealee says:

    @boddingtons25 viscously monitored? i get a notification for every comment
    left.. so i reply. thats bad? sorry that i reply to my users comments…
    >_> digsby is ok, it just takes way more ram to run it smoothly.

  14. agroziv says:

    This was very usefull :)))))

  15. crudnup says:

    @forrealee sorry for my false accusation. next time i will study my
    comments in more depth before expression them on the interweb for the world
    to see

  16. forrealee says:

    @boddingtons25 oh and i do have a disby video too… fyi.

  17. OathKeeper2009 says:

    omg >.> You posted my facebook info in your video. Epicfail… I should
    TOTALLY SUE YOU!!! XD, jk 100%

  18. forrealee says:

    the newest version of chrome, version, gives you the option of
    change themes! its pretty sweet! to see if your version has it, go to
    Options–> Themes. if not, go to “about google chrome” in the tools menu,
    and it will tell you if you have the latest version

  19. forrealee says:

    lol so whats your point? why use the 30 day trial version, when you can use
    this Pro version? i dont get what point you are trying to make.. sorry

  20. forrealee says:

    i’m not sure… mine says the same thing, but i never update… just
    because it MIGHT lose the pro features… try it if you want tho haah

  21. forrealee says:

    @vaidehiw lol just close it. or turn off the “run on startup” feature.

  22. HobbsFilip says:

    I can see your e-mail.

  23. Shaun Ashley says:

    How do u get video chat to work ? i have pro(from torrents) and the Chat
    does not work cant find it anywhere 🙁

  24. XSyoaranXx says:

    link is dead but oh well i guess ill just have to deal with the free version

  25. HelpMeiAmRetarded says:

    I heard trillian lets you haev epic nbudge wars, so I went there and i
    clicked on one of my friends and theres no nudge button =?

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