Traffic camera alert – corporate law enforcement

To learn more about camera fraud visit: Do Red Light Cameras Make Green (Money) Or Red (Blood)? Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents in Baytown, Texas Accidents increased 40 percent one year after red light cameras went live in Baytown, Texas. UK: Speed Cameras Triple Speed cameras will be able to track drivers for miles UK terror law to make photographing police illegal Red-light camera Pickerington hearing set for Jan. 20 Arizona-based Redflex administers Columbus’ photo red-light enforcement program, which began in 2006. Redflex would install the cameras at no cost to the city, but would take about 50 percent of the revenues generated by fines. Duncanville council member wants to re-evaluate red-light camera policy Duncanville, Texas a suburb of Dallas has a population of 38500 and in 2008 nearly 45000 red light citations were issued in 2008 at four intersections monitored by these cameras. The majority of the tickets were not for speeding through a red light or rolling through the light on a right-hand turn. They were for failing to stop at the white line set back from the crosswalk. Maryland Students Use Speed Cameras For Revenge A speed camera is located out in front of Wootton High School, providing a convenient location for generating the false tickets. Instead of purchasing license plates, students have ready access to
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  1. Yellow lights in intersections equipped with “red light cameras” are often set to last only 3 seconds, according to data from court cases. In one recent case in Glassboro, New Jersey, a motorist who had been issued a ticket discovered that the yellow light duration was only 3 seconds, while New Jersey law says that the minimum yellow light time must be 4 seconds. As a result, a reported 12,000 tickets worth $1 million were thrown out.

  2. I may or may not agree with the camera’s, but you seem to be a very paranoid man. What “right to privacy” do you expect when you are in public?. If you want privacy stay at home. Have you done any research to see if the camera’s have had any long term benefits, such as slowing red light running?
    The thing about high school kids copying plates to get people in trouble is silly. When the plate is run and doesn’t match the car, no citation would be issued. Look at both sides of the issue.

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  4. These should be beatable in court with basic commerce non-contracting tactics.

    We should be marking these locations for our GPS devices.

  5. I have heard of some people breaking these cameras. I don’t know how they do it, but they get revenge I guess.

  6. I see alot of street signs (especially in the turning lanes) that are bombarded with bumper stickers. Whoever these sticker vandals are…do us all a favor and stick them on the camera lenses…problem solved! You think law enforcement would put cameras to film/protect the street cams?? nah, we have stickers for those too.

  7. that is F@#4 up beyond belief.
    You dont know what I would do if I had a ladder…

    how many of you guys out there would give these cameras a lesson if you had the proper team with you.

  8. People rush to get into intersections before the camera goes off. the company that the city holds the contract with only wanted to put its lights up at intersections where they could maximize profits. They assumed, if 40 cars ran a red/day, they would KEEP getting 40 citations/day. Once drivers noticed what was going on, it dropped to, say 5. But the company had contracts for the amount 40 citations/day would yield. So the price of tickets went UP to compensate for less tickets! $400!!!

  9. Keep in mind, many corporations and governments either maintain their own print and Internet Reputation Management gurus, or hire someone to do so. This IRM can cost millions, and there are a lot of people who are paid to post disinformation without having a real opinion of their own. It is a form of spam, but insidious, since these people don’t have to identify themselves as paid IRM posters.

    Check out my video, “To Tell The Truth About SHILLS”.

  10. Red light cameras are great. The city here installed them about a year or so ago and they’ve worked out well. They actually made the yellow light a second longer.

  11. Funny how supporters all seem to feel their lives are above reproach when the objective of the police state is to ensure compliance even as laws become ever more restrictive & freedoms ever more scarce.

  12. I have an infra-red cam that can record through your flimsy walls. Still not concerned? Not saying I will, but I can.

  13. A lot of the Federal appropriated spending funds will be spent on appropriating more funds from the average citizen.

  14. We have red light cameras in my town, and they don’t even give us the courtesy of posting signs to let us know! They’re just sitting up there waiting for you to mess up. Talk about a police state!!

  15. To kcolumbusgirl: Concerning the issue of, “When you are IN PUBLIC you HAVE no PRIVACY.”, shouldn’t this be a two-way street? New laws set to be passed in England and Canada would make it illegal to take photographs of police officers, moving us further away from the idea of police as public servants. I put a link in my sidebar if you want to know more.

  16. The use of traffic enforcement cameras has tripled in the United Kingdom between 2001 and 2007. There are growing numbers of UK citizens who at one time supported these cameras that are now actively fighting against them. Redflex and ATS are a private enterprise and a lot of the funds raised goes to them. Do we really want corporate interests enforcing our laws?

  17. I don’t know about that! I think she is just too perfect to be bothered by anyone, who might accidentally break the law. You know. Like, no one should ever get a break! It is a little authoritarian for me. I don’t need a nanny or another mother, thank you very much! And I think my comments should viewed to be just the opposite of supportive. I don’t believe in breaking the law. I just don’t believe in unjust laws or excessive intrusion. Don’t like the violators. Not worth a fine, though.

  18. The point went flying over your head shortee. i gues the best thing for you is to keep doing what Lemmings do.

  19. Well as a libertarian I would think that you would be supportive of people breaking the law (since those lines are there SPECIFICALLY to tell you where to stop) being fined and that money being used to support the city, as opposed to people having to pay more in taxes for OTHER people’s mistakes…

  20. Feel free. I would, however, have the ability to publicize what you did, and most likely learn to keep my damn curtains shut. – anyone with any common sense knows that if someone can SEE in your house, they can FILM in your house as well…

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