Traffic and your own product equals freedom from your job

Lesson #3 of 8: Freedom from your job

Traffic + Your Own Product= Freedom from your Job

When we last left off, I was letting you know how to take your traffic and grow it by factors with advertising co-ops.

I have included both lessons #1 and #2 below, so you can leave comments

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Remember, when you leave a link on a blog with quality content/responses, the admin are more likely to approve them….

…which puts a backlink back to your site.

This is good news for your website.

Now this is like a mini version of the endorsed traffic I mentioned in lesson one and is an easy way to quickly spread your content around the web to niche specific websites, where other people who are interested in the topic come to read and share ideas.

So today, we are going to talk about the importance of gaining Freedom from your Job.

“Traffic + Your own product= Freedom from your job”

Conquering lessons #1 and #2 may seem like daunting tasks, but they have to happen and are something you will build upon forever.

You will most likely see this theme continue as long as you work online.

You can not just set it and forget it for the most part.

For example, most websites do not generate traffic just because they are live…You need to work on them and bring traffic to them, whether free or paid.

A great way to do that is by making a product that solves peoples problems.

ANytime you can solve someone’s problems you will be considered golden.  People will start to flock to you as well a recommend you to others.

Now the product, just like your traffic can be free or paid as well.  Do not freak out thinking you have to have a ton of training available and ready to go when you launch either.

You might just have a 10 page ebook in your niche that goes into detail some major issues you have noticed lately and how to avoid them from the novice to the newbie.

If you wanted more or a larger group membership, you could apply the first few sessions of training and continue to make the rest up as the weeks progress.

As I have heard, you only need to make enough content to get you throuhg the next week.

Then you have 7 days to make the following content if you promised them a new training every 7 days etc.

Suppose you have a once a month site, this would give you even more time to put your content together.

Assuming you have this model, one would expect the quality to be a little more indepth with this model due to the longer time to create as well as the more time expected for the subscribers to learn or train themselves.

So overall, when you have something of your own that you can offer a person, you have a better way to get them to opt into your site.

An ethical bribe may occur where you promise a viewer a report for filling in their contact information.

Once they opt in you could then offer them a OTO, or a one time offer….

…Just like I offered you when you joined this email list…


You continue to feed them content through emails and later offer the upgraded course or content you have or end up creating.

To wrap up then, “Traffic and your own product = Freedom from Job!”

So act today and create that first product of yours in a niche you are passionate about and start driving traffic to your site to build that list.

And get ready for tomorrow when we show you how to sleep well at night and where your most valuable traffic comes from.

To your product creation!

Dave Gardner

Here are some great resources you will need to build your online empire and get this cycle complete with the online Traffic Revolution.

1) Web hosting/autoresponder:

2) Online conference sotware:

3) OTO software:

4) Marketing training:

Hope these help you get going.  Feel free to email me back as well as leave a comment on the blog so you can get a backlink to your site!

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