TrackerRMS – Puissant Software for Recruitment

TrackerRMS – Puissant Software for Recruitment

Article by David Alonso

21st century is bringing many enterprise level companies in the market and this is resulting in the growth of recruitment agencies. TrackerRMS is taking benefit of this fact and has launched software for recruitment. This software is automated and customizable which has caliber to recruit candidates without looking for manual help. Software integration takes only few minutes and once it is integrated, it starts doing its work robotic-ally. This software can be integrated to the official website of the company so that it can perform all its functions online.

Features of Software for recruitment:

Recruitment software is an ASP tool which is compatible to both small scale industries and large enterprise level companies. Its main features are:

• It can create and modify candidate’s CV without any manual data entry. Online registration of the candidate is helpful in this aspect.

• Searching and profiling of candidates and companies can be done by this software. This software helps to recruit the best and suitable candidate for a company and vice versa.

• Other than recruitment, the software for recruitment also conducts different campaign and sent them to both current and previous candidates and companies.

What change online timesheet brings?

Online timesheet is a fantabulous tool of TrackerRMS that helps in project management of the company. We generally notice that during project management, the manager allots the task to the developers and the developers finish that in a given deadline. Initially, there was no automated system available that can record the timesheet for this task assignment. TrackerRMS introduced this online timesheet which helps to record the assigned task to the developers and growth of the project. A dashboard is shown to the project manager and employees over whom all the details about the task done and not done are shown. Employee has to simply enter his data in this time sheet and manager will update these data to their clients about the project. This software saves time and labour, resulting in the finest workflow of the company. As it is an online tool so the employee and manager can access them from any area of the world which is internet supportive.

Main motto of TrackerRMS is to serve the industry with automated tools which reduce the complexity in business. Its timesheet tool is highly appreciated by the companies as it helps to notice the difference between estimated and actual income and expense. All the amenities of this software are suitable to the client’s requirement. This software is multitasking and multi-territory. Company having different branches worldwide can trust this software as it can store data of all the branches in single software without creating redundancy. If you also want to install this software, you can contact TrackerRMS from its online source.

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The author works with TrackerRMS and the company is reputed and is also progressive software specialists in providing services. The company offers best CRM providers sales force automation, crm software, software for recruitment, Lead Management. We provide recruitment agency software, Resource Management software, online timesheets etc.

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