Tracey Walker Answers: Who Is Empower Network For?

http://www.FreedomFormula2014.com So the BIG question I always get is… Who Is Empower Network For? AND…. How Can Empower Network Help Me? And with all du…
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  1. Pamela Souza says:
  2. Kenneth Beckford says:

    It’s a pleasure to work with you.

  3. Tristram Lodge says:

    Great video, very informative thank you for sharing.

  4. DimebagVision says:

    How many blogs can you have through Empower Network?

  5. Mark Tetzner says:

    Tracy you got a trailer…….out of this world pink and white and fluffy.
    I LOVE it.

  6. Jeff Demers says:

    Hey Tracey, first, thank you so much for this video. You are an awesome
    speaker! Second, I’m an affiliate just getting started out. Can I have
    permission to post this on my new FB page and my blog?

  7. Cheri Shanti says:

    Tracey: I recently joined Empower.. is there a way we can connect? I need a
    rock star female mentor. :)

  8. MaNiGauLt23 says:

    coool vid!

  9. Paul Gardiner says:


  10. Azza1070 . says:

    Thanks Tracey. I would definitely take you out on a nice dinner, buy you
    dessert and pay for the bill. You deserve nothing but the best.

  11. Cheryl Reynolds says:


  12. jordan Mcdowell says:

    Very inspirational motivated inspiring presentation. Ive been following you
    for a few days now, and I think you are doing an outstanding job. Im
    looking forward to being just as successful as you are one day! By working
    my way from the ground up not knowing anything about buisness or marketing.
    You are one of the few of my inspiration! Great leader…

  13. SlimGoodieBiz FloridaGirl says:

    So do you have to pay the $19.95 Affiliate Fee in addition to the $25
    startup fee?

  14. Bryan Williams says:

    tracy whats your facebook or email

  15. Aric Aureus says:

    Love the way you break it down Tracey…thx!
    I liked, subbed and staged your video to help out. http://stg.do/8dye
    Do you use google analytics on your EN blog?

  16. Haydn Stevenson says:

    You are an awesome presenter Tracey… this was an impressive video!

  17. Joseph Smallwood says:

    People have been asking exactly who is this for…. I have the answer right
    here. Look at this video

  18. Diego Mathieu says:

    What can Empower Network (aka) ENV2 do for you.

  19. bigrichy773 says:

    Lol Chris just because YOU don’t know how to market correctly to make
    money, doesn’t mean its a scam… learn how to set up a biz before you

  20. Lanaya Green says:

    no it is not! I have six kids and I am making good money with it.. most
    people that don’t understand how it works call it a scam.. working a job is
    a scam!

  21. Caroline Bernier says:

    If you are a member it is on the video of the Affiliate membership page. If
    not: for a b=BIG resumé: It’s by blogging. they teach you how to do money
    and it does work

  22. Dominic McGill says:

    Tracey, i have been with Empower Network for about a month now, and even
    though I’m not on your team, I watch and listen to everything and anything
    you have to say……WHY? Because you are extremely knowledgeable, you
    share so much information, that is absolutely priceless and you are the
    real deal! Great content yet again and cant wait to get across the pond and
    shake you by the hand, possibly a hug too.

  23. Cristal Hughes says:

    I love this wealth of information.

  24. Ally Braham says:

    This was so awesome!

  25. Marcy Calabrese says:

    Amen to that!

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