ToxycUniverse! Recruiting Challenge! (INFOS IN DESCR.)

Hey guys we bring you the official Recruiting Challenge of ToxycUniverse! We got hacked again and lost again 1k and all loyal members. So now you have the cance to join The Team! Rules: A Episode 1-2min (no edit needed) Clips with gamebonus (no set up or private kills) Clantag must be (TRC1) HD PVR is not, but you will have a better chance with one. DEADLINE TILL THE 15th SEPTEMBER! Only post your episode as a video response. Good luck for everyone! – Laka & Jaze
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  1. ItzLekii says:

    I’m a WINNER! THX TOXYC!!! <3

  2. OhhStayScene says:

    My Skype: OhhScene.You

  3. OhhStayScene says:

    Ey Bro Look my channelJoin in Toxyc??

  4. ItzLekii says:

    YEEES I JOINED TOXYC!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. ItzLekii says:

    Go to my channel and se my Respond plzzzz

  6. TehJoxn says:

    Just saw this but theres only 2 days left 🙁

  7. PlayLikeGB says:

    Good luck

    Toxyc GB

  8. IamVoltt says:

    ah man whoever hacked u is stewpiid cuzu were a beast team and wats the point hope u get all subs back 😉

  9. imxYzHD says:

    Former of Jinx & Truth!
    write back! i’ve send a message!!!!

  10. vBabycakes1337 says:

    hee kiloooooo :3 long time no spoken D: & my channel got hacked.
    -Former OG Toxyc member ^^ <- xd

  11. ToxycUniverse says:


  12. Designzzx says:

    Hi Alex :3

  13. TwistKilo says:

    Good luck new generation Toxyc 🙂
    – Former OG Toxyc Leader

  14. Designzzx says:

    Put A Hall Of Fame For Some Former Members :3
    – Former Toxyc VizR

  15. Laypizaur says:

    Good luck all<33!
    - Toxyc Layp

  16. Haas Galic. says:

    Good luck
    – Toxyc Haas

  17. ProdeUnited says:


  18. WezGraffiti says:

    Cant wait to see some underrated and famous players trying to make it:)
    -Obey Wezh

  19. ohFitZz says:

    Toxyc :O <3

  20. VeXd Elmo says:

    sick guys <3

  21. StunDivison says:

    Good Luck Partners! <3

  22. ZoonDzn says:


  23. ToxycUniverse says:

    <3 :)

  24. HazardUniverse says:

    Good Look Everyone! Love u Partners <3
    - Jeazh

  25. Connt Cymraeg says:

    Shit The Bed Man I Realllyyyyyy Wanna Join Toxyc , Fuckin Beast!

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