Top Social Networking and Video Marketing Tips for Marketing Your Businesss

Top Social Networking and Video Marketing Tips for Marketing Your Businesss

Article by Dania Schwerert

Top Social Networking and Video Marketing Tips for Marketing Your Businesss

Social networking is powerful and exceptional way to market yourself and business. Using social networking sites like LinkedIn, Warrior Forum, and MySpace, is a significant way to not only boost exposure and awareness for your company it is also an astounding way to establish valuable business and customer relationships. Social networking can result in:

* Powerful business partnerships* Increase customer relationships* Added value and benefit to the community* Improved credibility and expert status* Improve Brand awareness* Increased reach and exposure

Social networking is a very formidable tool and it can result in enormous profits however if approached with the sole purpose of generating profits, efforts may fall short. Join groups that are related to your niche to make the most of your social networking time. Also, only join one or two in the beginning. If you join too many groups, you may overexert yourself and your results will be diminished. Ans social networking require active participant involvement.

You need to visit a social networking at least on a weekly basis. Many networkers schedule social networking into their agenda. For instance, on Thursday nights they schedule two hours to visit their forums and social networking sites they belong to.

When evaluating membership sites, forums and networking sites it is important to make sure a personalized signature is part of joining. Your signature is the one resource fellow members have to find you online. Most sites do not allow blatant self promotion so that means a signature is essential.

If you’ve decided to employ social networking for your business there are a few basic strategies to use.

#1 Boost your linkability. Content doesn’t have to be written, online you can use audio or video files too. The more incoming links you have the quicker the word will spread about your page, website, and business. The sites that get the most press are the sites that provide the most entertaining and enlightening content.

#2 Make tagging simple. Most people search for information in search engines like they search for information on social networking sites. By tagging your content it makes it easier for them to find and identify you.

#3 Add content. You must provide plenty of valuable content inn order for your social networking page or site to be compelling and attract attention. The content needs to provide a benefit to readers and be entertaining. By providing enticing content, you capture the interest of your social networking community and word will spread overnight.

The reason so many business owners love social networking sites, is the speed and raw numbers involved. However, it’s not just putting up a site and posting junk. Like any marketing strategy, it takes time, tactics and research to find the right site and approach for your business and your target market. Social networking can be a very amazing form of word of mouth marketing, if used appropriately.

Audio, Video and Podcast Marketing

People base buying decisions on a number of things, one of them is likeability. If they like you, they’ll be motivated to buy from you. Audio and video allows business owners to communicate with their prospects on a personal level. As competition online increases, it’s crucial to reach prospects and customers personally. That means not only mixing up your marketing mix but also letting your prospects and customers get to know you personally. Your personality is one of your strongest marketing assets in the world of small business.

Some customers like to read company information, others prefer videos or live communication and still others like to download your information and listen to it when they have time. Audio, video marketing increases your reach and online visibility. You will expand your target market because different people prefer different marketing formats. Podcasts like newsletters can be delivered by email marketing. They can be subscribed to, downloaded automatically, and listened to when the time is right.

Audio and video marketing improve your sales and conversion rates. Audio blog posts, video messages and podcasts are yet another way to reach your customers, and the one-on-one communication provides the kind of personal touch that customers crave. People are more likely to buy from someone that they feel they have communicated with directly, and podcasts enable you to do just that.

It has been proven that consistent communication with your customers improves both your overall relationship with them, as well as their buying frequency. And podcasts provide a consistent line of communication with subscribed listeners. A frequently disseminated podcast can bolster your relationship with your buyers and help to build a community of your customers.

Podcasts allow you to circulate industry news and trends, which sets you apart from your competition. One of the best ways to get repeat sales and loyal customers is to become the “expert” in your industry. Once you are established as authority in your industry and the place to go for quality content, services, or products, your sales will grow.

There are numerous tools online to help business owners get started with audio and video marketing as well as podcasting. You can use YouTube to post a video on your blog and it’s extremely easy and quick. You Tube also provides sofware to post audio messages which can be recorded for free using the open source software Audacity. Camtasia is an awesome tool for creating screen recordings for how to videos and tutorials. Many software programs also provide the steps and coding needed to post audio or video messages. Podcasting information can be found at a number of podcasting directories or iTunes.

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