Top iPhone Apps for Social Networking

Top iPhone Apps for Social Networking

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iPhone is one the most popular communication devices of today. Social networking on the other hand is one most widely used medium for networking and communicating with others. The smart phone revolution has had a significant impact on social networking which has benefited from the huge rise in mobile internet use. iPhone apps make it is possible to send and receive messages, post pictures and more while on the move on Facebook, Twitter as well as other social networking websites. The portability of smart phones and the networking capabilities of social networks have transformed the way we connect with others on the Internet. Foursquare Foursquare is one of leading location based social networks. Foursquare helps you to explore the world around you and allows you to keep up with friends as well as provides access to a range of discounts and rewards in your area. It is an excellent app to find out what is happening locally. The app is also great to network with friends as it can notify you when your friends check in at a location close to you. Standard Facebook AppFacebook is the largest social network with approximately 700 million users. It is hence only logical that this is one of the most widely used iPhone apps. The app provides access to all Facebook features including access to your timeline, newsfeed, photos, chat, sending messages and more. The user-friendly interface is widely acknowledged by users. Moreover regular updates by the team ensure the app is free of bugs and works seamlessly. New improvements are released with every update. Facebook Messenger AppLast year, Facebook launched its new chat feature that allows you to send and receive messages in real time via Facebook. The chat feature is particularly versatile as you can even receive notifications on your mobile notifications when a message is received on Facebook. Facebook Messenger is an app specifically designed to use this feature of Facebook. Google+ Google+ was launched in 2011 amidst record breaking figures. It had reached 25 million unique visitors, within 21 days from launch. It is Google’s answer to Facebook. The Google+ app loads quickly and provides immediate access to all its features. Your network is displayed on the main screen and it is easy to talk to others using the Hurdles feature of Google+. One of the plus points of this app is the photo section which is very quick to navigate or for uploading photos.LinkedIn The LinkedIn app has been recently redesigned. Contrary to what you may think, the interface is very lively and fun to use. This is one of the best apps and clearly displays your recent updates from your stream, connections, inbox and also makes it very to interact with Groups. All these options can be accessed easily from the main home screen of the app. Twitter This is the official app of Twitter. The app is as easy to use and simple as the website. The interface is very similar to the main Twitter website. All tweets are clearly displayed on the screen. It is easy to post new tweets, post photos, Reweet, reply, search or send private messages. Moreover, the new iOS integrates seamlessly with Twitter allowing you post photos directly from the camera app and more.

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