Top Free traffic generation strategies! Part 2

Top Free traffic generation strategies! Part 2

Article by Renata Rimkute

With no traffic generation strategies, literally you have nothing!

If you are planning to put up an online business or you already have an online business, then generating traffic must be on your top priorities. With no traffic, literally you have nothing. But if you have an idea on how to produce traffic on demand, then you can surely take in a huge amount of funds.Nowadays, owners of websites as well as bloggers utilize various different traffic generation strategies online. Of all these methods, there are those methods that are proven to be one of the best, which can surely help you to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site.Well, if you can make a huge amount of traffic in your site for free, then you can surely take in lots of investment. Here are the top traffic generation strategies you can use to your full advantageTop Methods

— Video Marketingspecial strong online marketing strategy, video marketing is also one of the tops methods to operate free traffic to your website. Similar to the two strategies stated above, this traffic generation strategy as well involves finding a proper keyword related to your niche, creating a creative and informative video about it, uploading it in various video directories such as Youtube and then promoting it.Over time, you video will rank in these online search engines and will gain organic traffic from social networks, Google and video sites. Video marketing can serve as a big help to create traffic, but it will additional strong to drive traffic to your site if this traffic generating strategy is implemented together with article marketing.– Forum MarketingForum marketing is a powerful online marketing strategy that can serve as a big help to drive traffic to your website. Forums are a well-known way to generate traffic nowadays.everything you require to do is to create an account on a number of good ranking forums and then create posts on them regularly.Before starting to participate in any discussions or commonly known as threads, you should create and add an attractive signature to your account so as to lead the members of the forum site to visit your site.For example: Read My Highly Recommended Posts at Mark Errol’s site. (Hyperlink)Forums with high activity are those sites that have a lot of interaction or participation as well as daily traffic. So the bigger the number of participants is the higher the members that the forum has as well. And the bigger the members are the greater amount of traffic you can get from it. These are best forums that you should engage into if you want to have a better result from implementing this online marketing strategy. Before you should participate in any discussion, make sure that you are aware of the forum rules so you will be to participate in an acceptable manner. Read first the rules of the forum that you want to become a member so you will be guided properly.Here are the things you should do to produce larger traffic from a high activity forum.. Find 2 high traffic, active forum sites that are relevant to your niche and then find topics (question-like topics) with a huge amount of activity (posts or replies).. develop a new thread or topic in the forum to share very important information or tips that are based on truth. Do not make anything out of your imagination.. Post an informative or handy video on YouTube and post it also on the forum site that you are a member with. Doing this is an effective way to increase your YouTube views and at the same time getting more traffic from the forum website. There are those forum websites that allow the users to post a video. If you find one, then take advantage of it.

Finding a High Traffic Forum website

Take Note: For you to be able to get a high amount of targeted traffic, it is correct that you should join those forum sites that are relevant to your niche. A common pitfall of most people is that they engage in a high PR forum website that is not related to the niche that they are targeting.If you are implementing this traffic generation strategy on the wrong niche specific forum, you will not develop quality traffic due to the fact that forum members only go to a particular forum site that are interested into to look for a specific solution to their need.The purpose of targeting a forum website that is related to your field of specialty or niche is not only to primarily develop traffic, but more specifically, to produce traffic from your targeted visitors (potential customers) who will be affected to the stuff or services you offer in your site.

— Social Media MarketingWith the popularity of social media sites, social media marketing makes it one of the most effective traffic generation strategies. Social media sites are divided into two classifications and these are social bookmarking sites and social networking sites. If you want to optimize traffic generation as much as possible, the correct thing you should do is to use these two social media categories.Social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube as well as others are a good way to generate traffic for free. On the other hand, social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Delicious, StumbleUpon and many others more are also an powerful way to gain more traffic in your site. The excellent thing with all these websites is that you can use them for free. The key to make this traffic generation course powerful is active participation. You should actively participate in these social websites in order for you to successfully develop traffic.It will not work on its own; you require to do something about it. Leave comments, help the users, ask questions, upload photos, upload videos, etc.The amount of traffic that your website can get will depend on your ability to drive online traffic to your site. And this will greatly depend on the marketing strategies that you are using to drive traffic to your site.If you want to make sure that you will drive a huge amount of traffic to your site in an increasing number, use these proven effective traffic generation methods stated above. These top traffic generation methods will surely help you to generate massive amounts of traffic for free.


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