Top 5 STUPIDEST Social Networks Ever! – Tom’s Top 5

With Google Plus gaining popularity among the technorati, now’s a perfect time to reflect on the WEIRDEST and WORST social networks out there. (Insert obligatory MySpace joke here.) Like, Comment, Share This Video! See our latest episodes: youtube.com Get Free Updates Every Week – Subscribe! www.youtube.com Twitter twitter.com Facebook facebook.com Tom’s Top 5 Homepage revision3.com Tom Merritt’s Twitter:twitter.com ABOUT Tom’s Top 5 Internet personality, technology journalist, and top Itunes tech podcaster, Tom Merritt, is counting down the best and worst in technology, entertainment and pop culture.

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  1. Uatemydoodle says:


  2. TomsTop5 says:

    @Gdubb90 tell your friends!

  3. DavidKyokushin says:

    The zombie one looks cool

  4. vaiol123 says:


  5. thetechfixer says:

    I never heard of any of those

  6. Gdubb90 says:

    This is a good show, its a shame more people don’t know about it!

  7. Azizinum says:


  8. dadvoc666 says:


  9. KelanDWood says:

    This episode was hilarious. My favorite is Stache Passions LOL. Salad Match had my LMAO as well. There all good though.

  10. cooltechgeeks says:

    Go to 2:26 when the adds come

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