Top 3 Social Networking Websites

Top 3 Social Networking Websites

Article by Jonathan Mac

Myspace on the lead

Everyone into social networking will have come across the renowned Myspace. Myspace is well known for it’s customization options and today, Myspace is one of the most visited websites in the Internet. Speaking about the statistics of Myspace, an average of 300,000 new people sign up to MySpace every day. Myspace has a record breaking 4.5 billion page views to the site in a single day. Launched in 2004, Myspace has found its success path to the #1 website in a very quick time.

Facebook right behind Myspace

Facebook is another renowned social networking website. With less customization options when compared to myspace, Facebook has fewer users than what myspace has. With over 60 million active users (over 110 active users for myspace), facebook is the second largest social networking website. Facebook has launched more than 13,000 applications to attract more visitors. As a result of this, active members are doubling every 6 months. Facebook has over 65 billion pageviews per month and hence is the sixth most trafficked website in the United States.

Bebo.com tailing Face bookBebo is yet another social networking website, which is mostly preferred by college pals. According to the users of Bebo, there are many personalization options. Most of the Bebo users say that unlike user submitted themes in myspace, bebo has no spyware or virus risk. There are some very useful applications to remember birthdays, share photos, write blogs, read a friend’s blog, discover new interests, and to just hang out. The popularity of social networks in promoting a business has driven many businessmen to use Bebo for promoting their business. The drawback with Bebo.com is that the profiles cannot be customized using external HTML codes. Hence bebo takes the third place in the world of social networking

Create your own social networking websites

This is the right time to create your own social networking website. Social networking can greatly help you to increase your business. From driving traffic to your parent website to effectively promoting your brand, social networking websites can do it all. Creating a social networking website for your business will also help you to understand the current market trends and work accordingly. Designing a social networking website is much easier now. You don’t even have to know any programming knowledge. There are many professional social networking website designers who can do the work for you in no time. They are capable of building your own social networking websites that resemble myspace, facebook and bebo. These professionals can design better social networking websites based on your requirement. So what are you waiting for, get a social networking site designed by a professional and jump into the world of social networking.

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