Top 3 Mistakes On Social Networking Sites

Top 3 Mistakes On Social Networking Sites

Article by Amit Kumar

If you run a blog or website you should join social networking website like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These social websites can help you genrate a lots of traffic and simultaneously a good amount of revenue.

But most of us just create profiles of such social network site and leave them. This where you make a big mistake. So, here are the five big mistakes that you should avoide when you use social websites to promote your website or blog.

Mistake 1 : Lack Of Activity

3A lot of people just create profiles on social websites and hopes that the flood gates of self-promotion will open wide. But this is not true, if you want to succeed on social network sites you must be active on your social media site. Otherwise, the site’s members will have little or no information about you.

The best way to succeed on social network sites is to ensure that you maintain a level of interest about you among the site’s members.

Mistake 3 No Profile Picture

A lot of people don’t add profile picture when they sign up for a social site but if add a profile picture it will be beneficial for you website, blog or product you want to promote.

Howevr, you should always avoide adding cartoon image, flyer picture, or any kind of thumbnail image.

Mistake 5 : No Website Links

If you are trying to promote any kind of service that you do on the web, and you’re not linking back to your personal website, then what is the point of being on the social site? Make sure that you provide website links within every social site that you sign up for.

Do it wherever the opportunity exists, including (when you obtain permission) on your friends’ home pages or where status updates are posted.

Always include your website link, no matter where you are on that social site. This will create a better listing for you on search engines, and it will also create a buzz to encourage people to visit your site.

Mistake 10 : Too Much Spam From Your Social Networking Profile

Please take note, Social networking sites are not designed to facilitate freely spamming people with your idea, your event or your business. Be careful to avoid the appearance of spam with your marketing efforts so that your visitors don’t get the wrong impression about what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

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