Too Many Social Networking Sites?

Go Subscribe To EvenGodLagsXBL: http://www.youtube.com/user/EvenGodLagsXBL Facebook Profile: http://www.facebook.com/codytigergray Facebook Fanpage: http://w…
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  1. Callum James says:

    69 videos 😉

  2. Maria De says:

    🙂 nice

  3. lucyissoocoollike says:

    loving you in general 🙂

  4. Basty Rhymes says:

    @withjusticeand he deleted me off facebook aswell lol

  5. squarewindows says:

    hahahha love it cody 🙂 you’re videos as sweet as. please check out mine if
    you want toooo <3

  6. Brittani Jones says:

    hes is somkin hot

  7. UphyXx says:

    Do you straighten your hair? it’s curlier in earlier videos

  8. des d says:

    theres no links and the despcrition 🙁

  9. CathyDirector says:

    @CTGComedy i dont know what you can read it somewhere it the adsense Terms.
    I got problems too. because i didnt knew it.

  10. MtndewSourpatch says:

    i subscribed himm..(:

  11. withjusticeand says:

    you deleted me off facebookk

  12. CathyDirector says:

    Be careful. You not allow to say people should click there for money.

  13. CTGComedy says:

    @CathyDirector why not?

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