Tom Jones & Blue – You Can Leave Your Hat On live

Tom Jones and Blue (Duncan James, Lee Ryan, Antony Costa and Simon Webbe) – you can leave your hat on (live)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. rutinharocha22 says:

    OMG..Lee is so sexy+.+

  2. terrryc says:

    A great version. What can you say? It’s Tom Jones! BUT-Cocker’s version was/is totally primal , so he gets the nod for best version. But just barely…..

  3. Jeeff90 says:

    1 person have never got a lapdance to this song, lets keep up the god style ! 🙂

  4. SendinK9 says:

    Hey what is up with the four Quakers singing backup, are the Quarkers singing now?

  5. SendinK9 says:

    Wow, talk about noes bleeds

  6. ozsavage says:

    1 singer & 4 backing dancers.

  7. shane69999 says:

    these boys have NO voices………. NONE. infact if they pulled their hats over their hads and walked off stage , would you REALLY ask THEM to come back ONSTAGE………………….. would you???????????????? NAH!!!

  8. shane69999 says:

    the VOICE with a bunch of dreamers standing behind him. No vocal talent here people other than TJ

  9. MaiiaSMaiia1 says:

    Blues Bros alikes & then some!
    and TJ?
    Aint get any better rhan rhis

  10. mariaskincare says:

    You still ROCK baby! Nobody has a pipe like you darling! The Swedish~Maria.

  11. pepitona57 says:


  12. mustangpatty51 says:

    Tom Jones is still hot!! Love this song!!

  13. ktbspa123 says:

    i wouldnt mind either haha

  14. LalLee94 says:

    ahah, so funny!! God, blue here are soo hot!!!xD

  15. aratie says:

    wow this was brilliant!!!! first time ive seen it!!

  16. ChristieBlue4Ever says:

    really great:DD

  17. xxxxBlueSoulxxxx says:

    I suppose the video is from 2001. Why did they stay in clothes? The hats would suffice. I really wouldn’t mind if they made a lil striptease hehehe…

  18. bibyLee says:

    ha ha this video would have been so much better if the lades would have take their cloths out : )

  19. Bugris07 says:

    When was this video taken?

  20. Kionaaaaaa says:

    oeh! OI love it(L)

  21. ziville says:

    That was fantastic!!! Thank you for postin:)

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