Tips & Tricks For Skyrim – Recruiting Derkeethus, The Argonian Companion

Full guide on how to reach and resuce Derkeethus, a rarity in that he’s an Argonian companion. For more Tips & Tricks for Skyrim, check out the playlist here; www.youtube.com As always, if you enjoyed the video throw me a like, a comment or even better a subscribe. If you do, a kitten gets a copy of Skyrim for Christmas.
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  1. HomeOfTheBrocheims says:

    Space butterflys FTW

  2. slipknoteternal says:

    “So crack his skull In”, the solution to every problem..

  3. TheRavensin1974 says:

    Da ting is brudda is dat dey neva dye unless you killd dem by accidant

  4. superzilla784 says:

    He may be a coward during battle, but a great thing about him is that he is one of the only few partners in the game that cant be K.I.A.

    If i had a coin for every battle Derkeethus has survived i would be able to buy several homes in the realm. if i had a coin for every battle the other companions has survived i would be able to buy a broken iron sword.

  5. SerlonKurai says:

    You walked in at the exit. There is an entrance at the end and some chests as well. You also missed some chests. When i found this guy i was suprised, took him out, became my follower aaaaand died in the first fight. -__- (master difficulty) Did it at lvl 15. The entrance is by the “Dragon Falls Manor” mod so if you have that it will be easy to find.

  6. TheRunnarrr says:

    Thumbs up if your wood elf and resist poison 😀

  7. slash1155 says:

    thumbs up if you are a boss level 81 and don’t need potions etc for health.

  8. HtfRaven says:

    no, he is still stuck :/ the level even restarted itself, but it still doesn’t work.

  9. JerryTheMagus says:

    did you ever find a solution, i know it’s been a while since you wrote the comment but…

  10. Yinello87 says:

    This is where being an Argonian shines with their immunity for poison. They were made for Falmer areas.

  11. bes99003 says:

    i did this at lvl 6 on master diffculty with my argonian brezerker class

  12. BearHunterPROJECT says:

    I got Derkeethus at level 13 on xbox 🙂 I had meeko and i did the multiple companion glitch, got him easily!

  13. BearHunterPROJECT says:

    Like if your an Argonian in Skyrim!

  14. ThatEliteHaloGamer says:

    I like cheese

  15. Blitzfrenzy78 says:

    Gave him Daderic armor set (legendary), Dragon scale sheild (legendary), Ebony sword (legendary), and Daderic bow (legendary) along with some enchantments that increase his archery and one-handed weapons damage. Made him fight my housecarl…she did’nt last very long. Don’t hesitate to throw him into a hard fight because he won’t die, also don’t try to ask him to mine stuff for you because for some weird reason he won’t.

  16. Blitzfrenzy78 says:

    Just head towards the mine near Dark water crossing sometimes he’ll be sitting near the fire or in the mine.

  17. steven115z says:

    Aparently he is like invincible and you can marry him

  18. falloutnewvegasful says:

    Where can u find him after hes been dismissed?

  19. ChaoticTail09 says:

    could get more wait i will get more like 2 dogs and j’zargo and another initiate.

  20. ChaoticTail09 says:

    hehe i got 2 followers aela the huntress and a dark brotherhood anitiate so boss

  21. Asken96 says:

    you can’t

  22. blackfurykon says:

    Where can u find him after u dismiss him?

  23. foqual2012 says:

    How can you take more than one companion?

  24. blackbriar246 says:

    The only Argonian companion in the game. Sucks, cuz Argonians are awesome.

  25. josh farrelly says:

    did this at lv 12

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