Tips on Maximizing the Potential of a Money Hungry Downline

Tips on Maximizing the Potential of a Money Hungry Downline

Article by Daegan Smith

If you have a money-hungry downline then great! At least you know that with the right push at the right time, your downline can be properly motivated to work and make all of you earn from your MLM company.

Tips on Maximizing the Potential of a Money Hungry Downline

Not every MLM distributor has a money hungry downline to depend on so count yourself lucky if you do. A part of the battle has already been won because you already know that material rewards can effectively motivate your downline. As for the rest, hereís what you can do.

Show them your rewards.

Give them proof that you yourself has benefited from joining a MLM company. Itís hard to motivate people if you donít show them any concrete evidence for all your claims. Powerful words can inspire people to take action, but that wonít work forever. After a while, your downline will start asking questions and if youíve nothing to show then theyíre sure to leave you without a second glance.

Tell them about the success stories in your MLM company.

Every self-respecting MLM company has a few stories of spectacular success to share. Whether the transition from rags to riches is gradual or abrupt, what your downline will ultimately be paying attention to is the stark difference between what a person had before and after joining a MLM company. If you want your money hungry downline to perform as desired, you need to show them there are other people beside you who had enjoyed similar success from your MLM company.

Keep in touch.

Interaction is very, very important. There is no excuse nowadays not to maintain steady and positive interaction with your downline. With the various improvements on technology, geographical distance and other communication handicaps are not as serious as they were before.

Besides meeting your downline face to face and talking to them over the phone once in a while, you can also keep in touch through Internet chat or online voice and video calls. You can also ask your downline to subscribe to your podcast, blog, website, or newsletter. Whatís important is keeping updated of each other and letting your downline know that youíre always interested in what they have to say and ready to give them a helping hand anytime.

Get to know your downline.

You know theyíre money hungry but what else? Itís not enough to know their names, what their jobs are, and where they live. You need to get to know them better. You need to identify, for instance, the root behind their desire for material gains. You need to really get to know them in order to determine which kinds of motivation will work best for them.

Keeping in touch is not synonymous to getting acquainted with your downline. You can have hours of conversation with the same person everyday without even knowing what kind of person he is. To know your downline is to be their friend and confidante. If you want them to trust in you and believe what you say about MLM then you need to show them that youíre worthy of their trust first.

With these four general tips, youíre sure to be able to maximize the potential of your money hungry downline. It will take some time though. Youíll have to allow them to harness their skills first. But when they do, youíll know that your hard work has completely paid off!

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