Tiger Woods SwingVision Down Line 2

SwingVision downline of Tiger Woods hitting a wood.

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  1. Blake Lammers says:

    Flat? Lol what is wrong with you all. At the top of his backswing his left
    arm is just above his right shoulder which is exactly where you want to be.
    It’s when you get below your left shoulder that you are flat. For example,
    go give Matt Kuchars swing a look and you will see the difference.

  2. N LS says:

    @miche1df I’d say he hasn’t been healthy since 2007, he hurt his knee in
    this very tournament (2007 PGA Championship). I hope he does get back to
    somekind of good playing form

  3. nikeshirts says:

    Flatter in comparison to his older, upright, across the line swing. He
    takes the club back on plane, never lets the club get above his shoulder
    plane, and drops it down back on plane and can swing as fast as he wants
    without fear of messing up.

  4. mickdee06 says:

    yeah he kinda does towards the end

  5. Willem de Lang says:

    not flat at all, people…open you eyes

  6. WolfieTed says:

    He really squats into the shot…so much power. But if his timing was out
    by just a bit it would be catastrophic! Deserves his title of number 1 for

  7. Andrew Liao says:

    is this PGA? or is it Oakmont?

  8. Danaldo91 says:

    flat leads to blocks and hooks which is what hes been doin 1 of the 2 over
    the past 4 years hes right vvvv

  9. dunayea says:

    @HabloIrlandes lol

  10. whitepatch342 says:

    how….the faster the club is moving means that if it is open or closed
    just a tad the mistake will be more dramatic…also why are we arguing
    about possibly the best golfer ever?

  11. sbguard9 says:

    actually it’s not flatter it just appears that way because of the back
    swing. If you look at the the down swing plane now, it’s a little more
    upright. When he was with butch, he dropped the club down more to start the
    downswing which got the club into a pretty flat swing plain. Now he
    actually hits a lot more fades, if you notice, and it’s easier to do that
    with a more upright swing plane.

  12. whitepatch342 says:

    misread your words

  13. Andrew Liao says:

    “there is no fairway there” LoL

  14. LordInksworth says:

    yes he does. That’s cos it IS Charlie sheen.

  15. Omiseno Odnamra says:

    when he “hammers” it correctly he reverts back to his old swing plane with
    the new takeaway…funny how when he swing it “properly” or what he thinks
    is properly for him now(a la haney) he hits it offline….

  16. TheBBusher says:

    @jtjorger So by your reasoning then jack nicklaus is world number 1??? Lee
    westwood is currantly the best golfer in the world period

  17. mark2242tw says:

    yea they are perfect…but hes right..his swing is much flatter ever since
    seeing haney…

  18. Dallas Michelbacher says:

    @SPOILCANE Tiger hasn’t been healthy since 2008, independent of that. He
    had some nasty damage in that front knee, and when your swing is that
    powerful, that front knee bears a lot of stress, so it’s an even more
    crippling injury.

  19. daveperk says:

    There’s no way he swung flat if his right hand went above his head on the
    follow through… and it did.. Tiger messes up his tee shots for one
    reason.. he hits them so much harder than most of the rest, he has a larger
    margin of error. The fairway finders are NOT the big hitters.

  20. TheBBusher says:

    @jtjorger Ya Lee westwood is

  21. HabloIrlandes says:

    This guy looks good, he should go pro…

  22. SPOILCANE says:

    Westwood is cocky, good golfer but cocky. He plays very consistent, not
    sure how because he chicken wings his left arm right before impact, he has
    it grooved so it works. Short game is pretty marginal aswell. We all know
    who should be #1, and would be if he could of kept his pecker in his

  23. Korondeo says:

    hahaha kinda

  24. whitepatch342 says:

    sry u must of had a typo bc u have two “narrow’s”

  25. cgasucks says:

    He’s the top ranked player for now…but his absence will give a lot of
    other guys catch up to him..

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