Three Steps To Irresistible Magnetic Attraction

Three Steps To Irresistible Magnetic Attraction

Article by George Hutton

There are some people that just seem to grab the attention of the entire crowd as soon as they walk into a room. It’s like everybody who is talking suddenly stops when they see this person enter. All heads turn briefly, and can’t help but to fix their attention on this person. This person could be you, much easier than you think.

Most people think of charisma as some magical property that people have to be born with. The truth is, charisma is nothing short of a collection of specific behaviors. It’ just that some people have these behaviors naturally, while others have to work at it, Luckily, there’s three ways you can drastically improve your charisma.

1) Slow Movements And Speech

People that are jumpy and nervous aren’t charismatic. People with charisma walk slowly, and speak slowly. Not so slow as to make you fall asleep, but they are definitely not rushed. This is the quiet confidence that speaks much more loudly than hyper active jumping up and down on stage charisma. Also when speaking, people with charisma always pause in certain spots to build up response potential in their listeners.

2) Not Needy Or Dependent On The Responses From Others.

There’s the kind of people that pause immediately after every point or joke to look around to make sure they are getting consistent approval from the crowd. People with charisma are confident in their ideas and opinions, and don’t need to persuade others, and don’t need to get approval. They simply state the way they feel, and leave it at that.

3) Absolutely Congruent

Charismatic people are completely congruent in their model of the world. Their body language, facial expressions, and words all match up. They never say something when they mean something else. They never go along with the crowd simply to avoid embarrassment. They are genuine in their emotions and their feelings. They never pretend.

Ok, so how do you manifest these behaviors in your own life? Simple. Fake it until you make it. It is a stunning aspect of the human physiological system that form follows function as well as function following form. If you are happy, you smile. But if you smile, you also will become happy. Your body follows your brain just as much as your brain follows your body.

When you try these behaviors on, it won’t be long before they become part of who you are. It will be you that they all look at when you enter a room or party.

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